Fires Center of Excellence strives to facilitate interaction between FCoE personnel and communities locally & regionally, to promote the dedication, professionalism, and patriotism of the Military in our localities. With the goal of improving the communities understanding of Fort Sill, its mission, and the US defense posture and capabilities. Done by increasing public exposure to, and understanding of Fort Sill, Personnel, Organization Structure, Equipment, and Programs.

Tours & Visits:

Fire's Center of Excellence and Fort Sill is one of the busiest Army installations in the world. As a result requesting, planning and coordinating any tours and visits to the installation must be done at least six months prior to your requested date.

Seeking an Army asset?

Citizens and civic organizations often want Army participation in their community events - such as a military band, color guard, half section, mascots, exhibits or a guest speaker. Fires Center of Excellence assets can participate in certain events as long as the request falls within the purview of Army regulations. To support your request, FCoE cannot incur any cost when supporting or be a part of a fundraising effort. If you are not sure if your request is permitted, please send it and we will advise.

The process starts by submitting a written request no later than 60 days prior to the event, click here: to request.

Things to keep in mind

Please understand our Soldiers have specific mission and training requirements. Participation in public programs can only be authorized when such support is in the best interests of the U.S. Army and the FCoE. The support must not interfere with unit mission or training programs. In all cases, military commitments must take priority and can even cause previously scheduled appearances to be cancelled on relatively short notice. Department of Defense policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events be provided at no additional cost to the government. The sponsor is required to pay, when necessary, the standard military services allowance for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants and for other services which have been determined in advance and agreed to by the sponsor.

What kind of tours are supported?

JROTC visits: Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or JROTC.

Educators' tours: Educators' tours allow first- and second-line influencers from schools, across the nation, the opportunity to learn firsthand how the FCoE transforms civilians into highly-trained Soldiers, ready to fight and win. If you're an educator and interested in visiting us, reach out and work with your regional recruiting command to coordinate, fund and execute tours.

Veterans' Groups: We honor and value the service and commitment of our veterans and will do our best to accommodate tour groups.

If I am visiting my Soldier for a graduation should I schedule a tour?

No, you and your family members can access the installation and attend your Soldier's graduation without contacting us to request an organized tour. To learn more about installation access click here.

Who can I contact to learn more about scheduling a tour, requesting an asset, partnering with Fort Sill?

Contact us by generating an email using the from below

Noise Complaints

Fort Sill responds to all noise complaints through the PAO. A noise complaint can be submitted by downloading the following form below and then emailing (PAO dropbox email).