Electronic Warfare NCO Specialist Course

The Electronic Warfare NCO Course is a 9 week resident course at the US Army Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Oklahoma using a combination of 47% discussion and 53% practical exercise. The course provides Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard Non Commissioned Officers accessed into MOS 17E20/50, Electronic Warfare NCO the education and training necessary to perform in Electronic Warfare positions at the tactical level in a variety of Army and Joint organizations.

Emphasis is on understanding Army Electronic Warfare Doctrine; Identify the steps of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and the Intelligence Preparation of the Battle space (IPB) process; Apply basic electricity and the electromagnetic spectrum theories as they relate to electronic warfare tasks; Identify the characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of Radar Systems, Army Electronic Attack (EA) systems, and Electronic Support (ES) systems; Describe the fundamentals of radio communications as they pertain to EW and CREW employment; Identify the basic functions of EW tools, Secure Web Based programs, and spectrum analyzer; Understand the relationship of spectrum management, EW planning and lethal and nonlethal targeting as they apply to Army EW; Identify and state electronic, EMS, RADAR, GPS, and communications/network principles as they relate to EW; Employment of EW tools such as E-Space, SIPR, and spectrum analyzer in support of EW planning; Understanding of EW organizations and staffs to include Targeting, Fires, Operations and order processing; Identify world-wide EW threats; Identify capabilities of joint EW systems; Apply joint EW planning and lethal and nonlethal targeting, and how to integrate, coordinate, execute and assess Electronic Warfare capabilities with ground operations across the full spectrum of military operations. A secret clearance is required