Electronic Warfare (MOS 17E NCO SLC)

Integrate Electronic Warfare Doctrine information into the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP); Integrate information of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace process (IPB); Apply basic electricity and the electromagnetic spectrum theories as they relate to electronic warfare tasks; Apply the characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of Radar Systems, Electronic Attack (EA) systems, and Electronic Warfare Support (ES) systems; Describe the fundamentals of radio communications as they pertain to EW and CREW employment; Perform the basic functions of EW tools such as E-Space, BUILDER, Secure Web Based Programs, convoy planning tool and spectrum analyzer; Employ the relationship of spectrum management, EW planning and lethal and nonlethal targeting as they apply to EW; Apply the concepts of EW Doctrine; Apply the principles of IPOE; Execute electronic, EMS, RADAR, GPS, and communication/network principles as they relate to EW; Integrate EW with physical attack, EA and ES. Employ EW tools such as E-Space, Builder, SIPR, convoy planning tool and spectrum analyzer in support of EW planning; Supervise and Integrate EW into staffs to include Targeting, Fires, Operations and orders processing at the Division, Corps, Multi-national Corps, Army Component Command and Joint Theater Command levels; Identify world-wide EW threats; Employ capabilities of EW systems.

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