Electronic Warfare Technician Warrant Officer Advanced Course (MOS) 170B

This is the 8-week resident course at the US Army Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The Electronic Warfare Technician Warrant Officer Advanced Course is focused on the skills, knowledge, aptitudes, and tasks required and deemed critical for the Electronic Warfare Technician serving at the Division-level and above, working in a Joint environment in support of unified land operations.

It is designed to develop and enhance skills through advanced studies in electronic warfare operations; various associated warfighting functions, Joint Operational Planning and Execution, Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment, Contingency and Crisis Action Planning, the Joint Targeting Cycle, and Integrated Air Tasking Order process.

This course provides training in the following subject areas: Electronic Warfare Plan development in support of Joint and Unified Land Operations; intelligence requirements for EW; EW integration into Joint Targeting Cycle, JOPES and JIPOE processes; EW combat assessment; additionally, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities and Cyberspace Operations and planning are covered in depth; Integration of EA, ES, and SPEA Assets into Joint Operations; EW/CEM Working Group in a joint environment; EW reprogramming management; and EW mission effectiveness.