Class Schedules:
Training schedules will list the dates, times, section, places, and descriptions of the classes to be held. The study reference’s, uniforms and equipment required for daily class will also be included in this schedule.

Texts and Instruments:
Students are required to sign for all material and equipment issued to them, and will be responsible for it until it is returned. If these items are lost or damaged, the IMS is required to pay for their replacement or repair.

Examination and Grades:
International Military Students study the same material and take the same examinations as U.S. students. English/Foreign language dictionaries may be used for reference during all examinations. An additional ½ hour for each hour of scheduled examination time is authorized as compensation for language difficulties. All students must pass each subcourse with a minimum passing grade of 70 percent. At the completion of each course the Chief, ISD will prepare an Academic Efficiency Report (AER) based on your performance in the class. This report is sent to the Military Assistance Advisory Group or Military Attache in your country.

Excused Absences:
Requests for absences will be initiated by the International Student Division. International Military Students will be excused for classified training and Field Studies Program tours.

No classes are held at the United States Army Fires Center of Excellence on the following federal holidays:
  • New Year’s Day, 1 January
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Third Monday in January
  • President’s Day, Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day, Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day, 4 July
  • Labor Day, First Monday in September
  • Discovery Day, Second Monday in October
  • Veterans Day, 11 November
  • Thanksgiving Day, Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day, 25 December
The Fires Center of Excellence is closed for a two week period during the Christmas-New Year Holiday period.

Security Assistance Officers (SAOs) should ensure that the International Student Division (ISD) is notified at least five days prior to the students arrival, in order to arrange for the students to be picked up and properly greeted at the airport. The student should arrive at the Lawton Municipal Airport, Monday – Friday during duty hours, 0730-1700 hrs. This will ensure sufficient time for students to be properly in-processed and enable ISD to issue ID, Medical Cards and ECL Examinations, etc. Ensure IMET students have enough money to sustain them for one month. IMET students must be in the U.S. for 30 days prior to being paid.

All IMET students must be housed in the Bachelor Officer’s Quarters (BOQ), Building 5676 and 5678. The room rate is $52.50 per day. This includes TV, cablevision, telephone, microwave refrigerator, coffee pot and maid service.

IMET students are discouraged from bringing their dependents. However, if you do bring your spouse, They can stay with you in the BOQ at an additional charge of $5 per day. No children are allowed in the BOQ.

There is a limited number of one bedroom apartments on Fort Sill. The cost is $60 a day, plus an additional charge of $5 for a spouse, $5 for children one year and over, infants under one year are free, and each additional adult is $8.

Statements of non-availability will not be issued.

Students being paid under the IMET program will receive $21.80 a day for meals/incidentals. Billeting is direct billed. Students being paid under the IMET program must live in the BOQ or forfeit their billeting payment.

Students with families can stay in the Geronimo Guest House at $60 per night.

For FMS students with families: Off post apartment rental is approximately $400-$550 per month for one bedroom, $550-$700 per month for a two bedroom. Deposits will be $200-$300. In most cases the deposit is returned after the apartment is cleaned and inspected by management and no damage is found.

Utilities: Electric, Gas, Water, Cablevision. (Depends on the apartment selected.)
Telephone installation fee is $70 plus tax (this is a one time charge). Monthly rates will be approximately $30 a month for local telephone service. Long distance is an extra charge and very expensive. You choose your long distance service provider.

Request arrival information be sent at least 5 days prior to students arrival in country. Students should arrive Monday-Friday 0730-1700 hrs.

Students must be ticketed to the Lawton/Fort Sill Airport; which is located approximately 20 minutes from Fort Sill.

When you arrive at the Lawton Airport you will be met by a representative of the International Student Division (ISD). If you arrive and a representative is not at the airport to meet you, please go to the Lawton Airport Military Assistance Desk and ask the sergeant on duty to notify the ISD.

Students arriving by car during normal duty hours (0730-1700 Monday-Friday) should drive directly to the ISD office, Building 5690 Geronimo Road, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. If you arrive after duty hours, please check in Lodging in building 5676 (Aultman Hall), and come to ISD at 0900 Hrs of the next workday.

There is public transportation in the Lawton/Fort Sill area. Taxi service is available. The cost for one person, one way, to or from the Airport and Lodging is $10. A taxi in and around Fort Sill is $3.

The Lawton Area Transportation System is $1 per ride. A schedule will be given to each IMS during inprocessing.

ISD transports students to class the first day only. After the first day it is the students responsibility to get to and from their classes.

Students purchasing a car: The cost of a used automobile depends on the year and condition of the vehicle. Additional charges include a Title Transfer Fee of - $25, Title Fee - $15 and Excise Tax. Excise Tax is based on the total delivery price and year of the car. Insurance (liability only) is approximately $800 for six months. Gasoline prices are approximately $2.70 per gallon. You are required to have a valid driver’s license and insurance while operating a vehicle.

Students must take a copy of their ITO and a U.S.-Issued Military ID Card to any appointments.

Reynolds Army Hospital, Building 4300

Dental Care:
Fort Sill provides emergency dental care only.

Uniform Requirements:
Sufficient number (minimum of three) of National Military uniforms.
Dress Uniform equivalent to the Army Class A/Class B.
Minimum of three sets of native rank.

Ensure passport and visa expiration dates extend at least three months beyond the course completion date.

To enroll children in the local public schools, you must have the child’s birth certificate, documentation from the child’s last attended school and immunization records.

Before departing for the United States, exchange some of your currency for US dollars. Currency can also be exchanged at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.