Senior Officer Tour

The Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum regularly conducts professional development programs for military and civilian personnel who are stationed or work at Fort Sill, as well as for personnel from other locations around the world. Typically the museum hosts the Field Artillery Captain Career Course class where they learn about the Battle of the Washita. Many Native American tribal groups and tribal museum staff have experienced their own history and have done research on objects within the museum's collections. In the past, staff and volunteers regularly presented tours of the Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum for visitors. With the current budget issues / staff losses / sequestration, museum staff are not leading any non-military tours. If you are interested in a guided group tour, please call the museum to discuss options for your group. Self guided audio tours are a popular option when tour guides are not available or the museum is closed. Interpretive signage is situated throughout the museum area for visitors to take a leisurely stroll around the old fort at their own pace.

A 20 minute film on the history of Fort Sill is available for viewing in the Visitor Center and is an informative beginning for any tour. Special events are conducted throughout the year by the museum staff and volunteer interpreters for the benefit of the public: the annual vintage Base Ball game played in mid-July, Frontier Army Days in mid-October and the Candlelight Stroll in early to mid-December. A fourth event, Military Timeline, is done by the Directorate of Museums and all three museums on Fort Sill in mid-March. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes to these events.

Historic Baseball Teams

The museum’s annual 19th century base ball game is truly unique to Fort Sill.  While the game of base ball was routinely played at many frontier army posts, the games at Fort Sill were like no others in the US Army.  An all Native American team with players descended from the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache units of Fort Sill in the 19th century, plays a team of active duty soldiers with everyone dressed in period uniforms, using vintage rules and equipment on a traditional ball diamond.  The historic games were generally played on July 4th to celebrate the nation’s birthday.

Frontier Army Days Infantry

In October, the museum along with a large number of volunteers (many from out of the area) put together Frontier Army Days. This two day event portrays Frontier Army life at Fort Sill. The first day is specifically for local schools to bring children out to learn about local history. The second day is open to the public. Volunteers and staff dressed as Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry give demonstrations all day long as well as there is a children's activity area where children learn about games that were played in the frontier time period and a fashion show where museum staff and volunteers model clothing from the frontier period.

Candlelight Stroll

During the month of December, the museum regularly presents a special program referred to as the “Candlelight Stroll". In the past, this event was done on one night but starting in 2013, the event was expanded to two nights due to its popularity. Tickets are necessary to attend the annual event which involves a series of tours of the historic Quadrangle with escorts carrying lanterns between several stations where groups of visitors travel back in time to experience the chapel, the "Sherman House", the Cavalry Barracks, and the Guardhouse where interpreters give first person presentations of what life was like in the 1870s at Fort Sill.  Tickets are free and they are first come, first serve and people must pick up the tickets prior - they usually "sell out" in a day.