Partnership policies

The Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill routinely conduct business with a range of businesses locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Though Department of Defense policies limit the ability of units to post commercial content and logos on DoD websites, at times Fort Sill will post information from such organizations when it is in the best interests of the military community.

The partner organizations of Fort Sill meeting published standards of the FCoE as of this date include:

  • American National Red Cross
  • The Association of the U.S. Army
  • Cameron University
  • Comanche Tribe
  • Central Texas College
  • Columbia University
  • Fort Sill Federal Credit Union
  • Fort Sill National Bank
  • National Association
  • Great Plains Technology Center
  • Lawton Public Schools
  • Friends of Fort Sill
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Uniformed Service Organization
  • Webster University
  • Wayland Baptist University
  • Armed Services YMCA
  • United Association
  • Veterans in Piping
  • Southwestern Medical Center
  • Western Plains Youth & Family Services, Inc.
  • Ryder Diesel Mechanics
  • TMAP Research Library
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Veterans Administration
  • V.T. Griffith
  • Corvias Military Housing
  • American Water Enterprises, Inc.
  • Public Service Corporation
  • Cotton Electric Co-op
  • Cameron University ROTC program
  • Warrior 4 Wireless
  • New Directions, Inc.
  • ABF Freight
  • Choice Community College (FANUC)

NOTE: This list does not include any county or higher government agencies contracting with the FCoEFS. No business may be added to this list without approval of a review committee organized by the PAO webmaster, as per our “Important Notices” link on the main internet page.

Linking Policy

All hyperlinks appearing on the domain are chosen fairly and in the best interest of the public.

Evaluation Criteria

The PAO staff evaluates all suggested links for this Web site using the following criteria:

  • Is the recommended Website an official government-owned or supported Website?
  • Does the recommended Website provide official government information or services?
  • Does the recommended Website complement existing information, products and services on
  • Is the recommended Website accessible and applicable to a wide audience?
  • Is the recommended Website's content relevant, useful and authoritative for Soldiers, Army civilian employees, U.S. citizens, the Army’s industry partners and/or government officials?
  • Does the recommended Website's information appear to be accurate and current?
  • Is the recommended Website's approach to the privacy of personal information consistent with the government's privacy and security policies?
  • Does the recommended Website meet one or more of the following "highly desirable" criteria?
  • Is the recommended Website "user-friendly”?
  • The Website supports our mission of training and educating the Army's Soldiers; developing leaders; supporting training in units; developing doctrine; establishing standards; and building the future Army;
  • The Website crosses military or governmental boundaries;
  • The Website enables citizens, businesses and/or government officials to conduct transactions at Fort Sill, or otherwise to interact with Fort Sill organizations
  • The Website provides community-level information and services, such as newcomer information to Fort Sill or one of its tenant units.
  • Links are reviewed and evaluated for appropriateness. If content at the hyperlink does not meet policy requirements, the link will be removed.

Links to government Websites can add a link to any government Website that is publicly available unless directed not to by the agency that owns the site. Acceptable federal government-owned or government-sponsored Website domains include .mil, .gov and We may also link to quasi-government agencies and Websites created by public sector/private sector partnerships; other branches of the military sites; and some government-sponsored Websites that end in .com, .org or .net until migration of these sites to .mil is complete, as required by Army Regulation 25-1. Links to Non-government Websites

In rare instances, links to Websites that are not government-owned or government-sponsored if these Websites provide government information and/or services in a way that is not available on an official government Website. The site provides these non-government Websites as a public service only. Fort Sill neither endorses nor guarantees in any way the organizations, services, advice or products included in these Website links. Furthermore, Fort Sill neither controls nor guarantees the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of the information contained in non-government Website links. (See following disclaimer of endorsement for more information on this topic.)

Reciprocal Links

We link to government information according to our linking policy, whether or not the other Website links to us. We don't engage in reciprocal linking. We invite any Website to link to - the official public Website for Fort Sill, Okla. Since this is a public-domain Website, you may link to us at no cost and without special permission.