Graham Resiliency Training Campus helps Soldiers, families, DoD civilians and retirees strengthen their mind, body and spirit through the integration of education and prevention programs, services, support, and outreach in a single location.

     We offer solutions to many of the challenges facing our Soldiers and military families during these times of multiple deployments, separation and uncertainty. The campus offers help through our staff - people who can strengthen life skills and help our clients overcome adversity. We integrate programs, resources and tools to build the mind, body and spirit.

Classroom/Auditorium Scheduling
Computer lab
Classroom/ Auditorium Scheduling
Coordination Desk/Knowledge Center
Auditorium for 345
Small Meeting/Counseling Rooms
1/4 Mile Running/PRT Course

Campus Scheduling Process

A. All units, groups or individuals making reservations at the campus, can view the class room and auditorium calendar on our Sharepoint portal.

B. To make a reservation, the requestor must come to the GRTC coordination desk and complete the request form in person.

C. Once the form is completed, a copy will be given to the requestor and the event scheduled on the calendar.

D. Reservations must be confirmed/cancelled by the requestor 24 hours prior to the scheduled event..