*** Special Instructions ***

Soldiers and Family Members PCSing from the United States to another country will have a negative COVID-19 test result or Medical Clearance before departing Home Station. The negative test result or Medical Clearance must be received as close as possible to departure from Home Station.

You will report for out-processing briefing not earlier than Twelve (12) days prior to your anticipated date of departure, IAW your approved DA Form 31. Leave in conjunction with PCS will be limited to the authorized travel days as outlined in the Joint Travel Regulation. Briefing is conducted in Building 4700, RM G-31 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1030 hrs. Soldiers out-processing Fort Sill must be in duty uniform. You must bring two (2) copies of your PCS orders and two (2) copies of your approved DA Form 31. Soldiers clearing tasks include the following:

  1. Ten (10) Days Clearing Day -12)
  2. COVID-19 Test (Day -4)
  3. COVID-19 Test Results (Day -2)
  4. Installation Final Out (w/ MPD in Building 4700) (Day -1)
  5. Sign Out from Unit (Day 0)

Travel to and from an Aerial Point of Debarkation/Embarkation (APOD/APOE) following a negative test result or Medical Clearance will be conducted in a manner that minimizes the risk of personnel being exposed to or contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 during travel. Commanders may authorize Leave necessary for the most direct means of travel. Any personal Leave beyond what is needed for direct travel must be taken before administering the COVID-19 test.

Soldier is entitled to Hazardous Duty Pay (HDP-ROM) during Restriction of Movement (ROM) if Household Goods have been shipped to gaining installation. A DD Form 1610 is required from the unit if additional lodging costs occur during ROM. Soldier’s payment will be processed during the PCS travel settlement.

Fort Sill Online OCONUS Levy Briefing


  • Welcome
  • Soldier Responsibilities
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Barracks
  • Finance
  • Army Community Service (ACS)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
  • Command Sponsorship
  • Additional Information
  • Carlson Wagonlit
  • PCS Procedures
  • Attachments
  • Conclusion
  • POCs
  • Certificate of Completion


This briefing is designed to provide you with easy access to the information and documents needed to complete your Permanent Change of Station move (PCS). At the end of this briefing you will find all the necessary documents and links in order to complete your Levy packet.

Plan your departure from Fort Sill. Don’t assume you know the answer. If you have any questions after the Levy Briefing, please:

  • See your S1 for any questions you might have
  • Ask one of the many professionals in the related field; they are here to assist you
  • You can find attachments at the end of the briefing with more information

Soldier Responsibilities

Soldiers are responsible for completing their own Online Levy Brief once they are placed on Assignment Instructions. All information needed in order to successfully PCS to a new assignment will be provided. At the end of the brief the Soldier will be required to print out a Certificate of Completion that will be submitted with the Levy Packet. Soldiers will report to their S1s in order to get further guidance on all required documents. Once all documents have been filled out by the Soldier they will return them to their S1 for review and submission to the Reassignments Section.


Shipping Entitlements

Make sure that you read all of the information in the self-counseling screens located in the link listed below because that is where all of your information will be regarding authorizations, shipping entitlement and other helpful information.

PLEASE VISIT: http://www.move.mil

You will need to create your Username and Password in order to set up your move online.

Once you have received your Orders you need to set time aside to coordinate your move. You must have Orders to finalize your move online with Transportation.


If you need assistance with any aspect of the Transportation move please contact the Transportation Office.

Personal Property (Household Goods)

Location: BLDG 4700, 1st Floor, Suite 110

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1530

Phone Number: 580-442-3107

Housing Briefing

On Post Housing

These briefings are held weekly at your neighborhood housing office. You will not need PCS Orders to attend. This briefing is designed to inform Housing that you are leaving Fort Sill and to give you all the information needed to efficiently get moved and cleared from your On Post House. Please attend either of these briefings as soon as possible. You must give a 30-day notice.

Southern Plains- Tuesdays at 1600

Old Calvary Post Community Center - Thursdays at 1230

Contact Phone Number: 580-581-2140

Housing Briefing

Off Post Housing

All Soldiers residing off post need to make sure they give their Landlords ample notice before they are due to leave Fort Sill for their new Duty Station(check your Lease Agreement for further information). The Housing Office is located in BLDG 4700, 3rd Floor. They provide off post counseling and referral assistance, help mediate disputes between tenants and landlords, and specialized assistance to service member with rental challenges. A Volunteer Realtor is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1300-1600.

Contact Phone Number for Housing Office: 580-442-5190/2813/6819/3778


All Soldiers residing in the barracks need to contact their Brigade Housing Liaison. The Soldier will be provided with a Barracks Clearing Checklist, and be assigned an Inspection date prior to their PCS move.

Finance Briefing

Everyone is required to attend a Finance Briefing before leaving Fort Sill. This briefing is held Monday-Friday at 0830. You must attend your Out-Processing Briefing before attending the Finance Briefing. You must bring multiple copies of your Orders and completed DA Form 31. All DA 31s must cover a Soldier from the day they leave Fort Sill until the day they sign into their new duty station.

Finance Briefing

Make sure you update your BAH with Finance Customer service if anything changes prior to out processing. You should only need to recertify your BAH when you out-process.

Your leave form (DA 31) must cover the entire PCS time, from the old duty station to the new duty station (to include your TDY enroute)

If you have an active government travel card you must see your Agency Program Coordinator (APC) to register for your PCS move. No advance will be given to active card holders.

Dislocation Allowance (DLA). If dependents relocate (with rate) or E-6 and above is authorized off post at new duty station (without rate).

Temporary Living Expense (TLE) 5 days OCONUS, 10 Days CONUS (combination can be used, 1.e. 4 days Ft. Sill and 6 days Ft. Drum).

If you expect relocation expenses to exceed travel and DLA you may request an advanced pay. If you are an E-3 and below you will need the Commander’s signature on the DD Form 2560. Advanced pay is not authorized for day to day living expenses.

Army Community Service (ACS) Financial Briefing/PCS Briefing

ACS Financial Brief

All Soldiers in the Grade of E1 – E4 and 1st time PCS are required to attend the ACS Finance Brief. The brief is schedule:

Every 3rd Friday of the Month in Bldg 4700, Rm. 153N

Financial Briefing Schedule

PCS Brief

All Soldiers regardless of Rank are required to complete a PCS Briefing. This information is now provided by Military OneSource, Plan My Move. This Department of Defense relocation tool provides details about housing, transportation, finances, family and more.

PLEASE VISIT: https://planmymove.militaryonesource.mil

You will need to create your Username and Password in order to set up your planner.

Lending Closet

The Lending Closet offer’s temporary loan of common household items to arriving and departing personnel to assist with the transition of moving. Items can be checked out for a period of up to 30 days by both Soldiers and Family members. A copy of your orders and a valid military ID is required for check-out.

If you need assistance with any of the training please contact us:

Army Community Service (ACS) 580-442-4916 Bldg 4700 Hours: 0830-1530

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program for Soldiers with dependents who have specialized medical, mental health, developmental needs and/or special educational needs that require an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

This program ensures dependents will have access to the needed services at the gaining installation.

Soldiers enrolled in the program are responsible for updating EFMP enrollment information every 3 years or upon changes in their dependent’s needed services.

*Note- failure to update enrollment every 3 years results in a delinquent status notification to command which will interfere with release of PCS orders/ Reenlistment opportunities. Also, if not all services needed are listed in your dependent’s enrollment, it could lead to a PCS location without the needed services.

Enrolled Soldiers: Please come to ACS EFMP to clear once you have received your PCS orders.

All Soldiers:

  1. You must complete the DA Form 7415, DA Form 5888 and DA Form 7246 at the end of this brief in the required documents section for the Levy Packet. (This does not enroll you into the EFMP Program)
  2. All Soldier dependents that will be accompanying on an Overseas Assignment must complete an Overseas Screening. Please follow instructions on next slide

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Overseas Screening Instructions

Overseas Screenings are a function of the EFMP at Reynolds Army Health Clinic (RAHC)

Step 1: The Soldier will need the Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet (DA Form 5888) Sections 1-8 filled out and signed by Military Personnel Division (MPD) prior to the screening appointment.

Step 2: The Soldier or Spouse may call (833) 853-1391 to schedule an Overseas Screening appointment at RAHC EFMP for all dependent Family members who will accompany the Soldier to the overseas assignment.

Step 3: Items to bring to appointment include:

  • DA Form 5888 with section 1-8 completed and signed by MPD
  • DA Form 7246
  • Military Dependent ID Card
  • Shot Records
  • Copy of medical physicals (within the year) for school-aged children

Step 4: Please return completed/signed copy of the DA 5888 to the MPD. MPD will advise of approval/disapproval and complete Military Orders.

*Note - Dependent NOT located on Fort Sill – Please see Overseas Screening Instruction Sheet at the end of this presentation.

Command Sponsorship Program

If taking your family to your overseas assignment, you must apply for Command Sponsorship. Your family members need to have a medical screening completed to make sure your gaining installation has medical facilities available to accommodate your family’s medical needs.

Call the RAHC Central Appointment line at 833-286-3732 and press option 1. Schedule an Overseas Screening for Dependents.

Command Sponsorship Documents

Soldier brings to Reassignments upon completion of Screening:

  • DA Form 5888 – EFMP Overseas Medical Screening
  • DA Form 4787 – Reassignments Processing – Family Member Data
  • DA Form 5121 – Overseas Tour Election Statement
  • DD Form 2792 – Family Member Medical Summary – For each EFMP Warranted Family Member – Any supporting documents if EFMP.
  • Sex Offender Declaration

Printed out by Reassignments upon receiving CSP:

  • Copy of ERB/ORB/RFO
  • EMILPO – Family Member Data Page
  • EDAS PS Screen, showing losing unit information

Command Sponsorship Passports

Dependent No Fee Passport Guidance

The following documents below are required to apply for Official/Diplomatic Passports:

  1. Provide our Passport Agent the following: PCS Orders listing dependents that you are on overseas assignment with such as (Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Italy and Alaska) require a passport for dependents. Italy also will require a Visa.
  2. DS-11 or DS-82. This must be typed and not handwritten. Must show 2nd Barcode in the upper left hand corner when printed out.
  3. Photo copy of Military CAC front and back (mandatory for Government issued passports)- CAC information must match the passport application.
  4. Children 10 years and older must have a military ID card to also fly on AMC Patriot Flights.
  5. Photo copy of driver’s license, front and back.
  6. Passport photos(2): You may use the free DA Photo Lab/Media Center at building 3162 Haskell Road off of Harvey Road. PH: 580-442-8721. Please, NO bare shoulders, no attire that looks like a military uniform and must use white or beige backgrounds only. No wearing of Eye glasses..
  7. Original colored and a photo copy of the State birth certificate/Naturalization Certificate or previous passport. The colored originals will be sent with your packet, but will be returned with the passport.
  8. Clear copy of the Marriage License.

Command Sponsorship Passports

If only one Parent appears in person, the following must be presented:

  1. A Notarized Department of State (DS-3053) Parent Consent Form or a signed/notarized statement from the non-applying parent consenting to the issuance of a passport for a minor child. A copy of their ID with photo used for the notarization must match the DS-3053 and be sent with the form.
  2. A court order/divorce decree/other legal document granting sole-primary legal custody to the parent who is making out the application for the minor.
  3. An adoption decree which lists the name of only the parent making the application and the new birth certificate for the minor.

NOTE: If an applicant is an arrears back child support of $2500.00 or more, based on Section 51.60 (a)(2) of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations and the certificate of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), you will not be entitled to a Government issued Passport until the amount is satisfied through HHS and then cleared with the State Department.

For a list of Child Support Enforcement Agencies, their contact information can be found online at: https://ocse.acf.hhs.gov/int/directories/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.extivdlist

Command Sponsorship Passports

Birth Certificates

No Abstract Birth Certificates.

To obtain a New Birth Certificate, please visit this website: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm Save the receipt and any extra fees. You may file on a travel voucher once you arrive in country for reimbursement.

To obtain a Born of Birth Abroad, please contact the Passport Vital Records Office in Washington, D.C. at 202-955-0307 or visit the following website at: www.travel.state.gov/vital_records_services.html. Cost is normally $50 per copy and is also reimbursable.

Command Sponsorship Passports



  1. Go to https://pptform.state.gov/ or if this site is down, try going to https://travel.state.gov and click on new passport
  2. Check the Privacy Statement box that you have read the Privacy and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, click Submit. Then click to Submit the form online. (Only allows you to type the application online, it does not get placed in any Federal/State system)
  3. Fill out the required information for "each" passport Applicant. Fill in your FULL Name, Social, birth information, etc.
  4. WHERE SHOULD THE PASSPORT BE MAILED TO: {Do not use your home address at this time, you will have an opportunity in step S to do that. PLEASE ADD OUR OFFICE MAILING ADDRESS BELOW FIRST.

    Street Address: DoD DET
    Street Address 1: DAGN, DoD/DAGN
    City: Washington, D.C.
    Country: United States
    State: D.C.
    Zip Code: 20006

  5. Check the box "NO" for this is NOT your Permanent Address. (Now you mov enter your home address)
  6. Please enter both your Email address and your Phone Numbers how you may be reached. Click Next
  7. Travel Plans: Enter the date of your travel, enter the return date of your travel, enter the Country you are being assigned to (for Alaska, type in both Alaska/Canada) click next.
  8. Enter your Emergency contact information
  9. ENTER YOUR MOST RECENT PASSPORT BOOK (CARD INFORMATION IF APPLIES: (if you enter any previous passport information for a minor, please bring in both the birth certificate and the previous passport to our office) otherwise, Select NONE and click NEXT
  10. PARENT & SPOUSE INFORMATION (all blanks, Parent Information, DOB's, Place of Birth etc. must be filled in- most information about your parents information js on your birth certificate)
  12. ENTER ANY ADDITIONAL NAMES YOU ARE KNOWN BY (Maiden names, adopted names, divorced names) select next You now come to the Passport Application Review Page where you can edit any information you may have entered incorrectly. Select Next.
  13. : PASSPORT PRODUCTS AND FEES PAGE: (this passport is no cost to you, but please select the PASSPORT BOOK ($110 or $80 for minors'. This produces a 2" barcode upon the upper fefi hand corner of this application form when it is printed. No other boxes need to be checked.
  14. scroll down to the shaded box that states: "l HAVE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE STEPS AND INFORMATION CONTAINED ABOVE" and click that box.
  15. SELECT CREATE FORM / SELECT OPEN / PRINT (Please bring each application with this form and of the required documents on the previous page to our ofice. Do Not Sign this form. You will be asked to sign in front of the Passport Agent.) If you have any questions, please give one of our Passports Agents a call at 5804424853 or 580-442-5410.

Additional Information

Service Member Medical Screening (DA Form 4036):

After you receive this briefing you will taAfter you receive this briefing you will take the DA Form 4036 to the Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) Site in building 4700, room G-23 to be completed. This needs to be completed no earlier than 45-60 days prior to starting PCS leave. Hours of operations are Mondays from 0730-1400.

Soldier Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet (DA Form 5434):

You should have already received an email from ACT stating that you are on assignment. Go to https://actnow.army.mil, log in with your CAC. Click on the bell at the top of the page. You should have a message that you need to initiate a 5434. Complete sections 1, 2, 4 and 5. Do not leave anything blank. Once completed, your gaining installation will complete section 3. Please see your S1 for further assistance.

Who is required to have a Sponsor in ACT?

Soldiers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Officers in the grades of E-1 to E-6/O1 to O3/ W1 to W2 will require sponsorship at the unit level prior to conducting their final out at the losing installation.

DA Form 4036 Link

Additional Information

Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) formerly known as Finance One Stop-Processing Section has two Help Desks

If you have any questions regarding your Entitlements, DLA, Advance Pay, or BAH, the DMPO help desk is located in BLDG 4700, next to the Transportation Desk. Their hours of operation are 0900-1600 (closed for lunch 1130-1300) Monday thru Friday. You can contact them at 580-442-2191.

If you have any questions regarding your Travel Pay, Temporary Lodging Expenses, Lodging Allowances & Expenses or Per Diem the DMPO help desk is located in BLDG 4700, next to the ID card waiting area. Their hours of operation are 0900-1600 (closed for lunch 1130-1300) Monday thru Friday. You can contact them at 580-442-3474.

Additional Information Cont.

Early Reporting

The Unit should provide the Reassignments Section with a working copy of the DA Form 31 with a memo stating that leave will be final upon issuance of Orders. This will allow Reassignments to issue Orders outside the 120-day window and include a good AVAILIBILITY Date on OCONUS Orders.

Re-enlistment/Extension Documents:

If you do not meet the Service Remaining Requirements, you must complete the process within 30 days after you complete this briefing. See a Career/Retention NCO in your chain of command ASAP and have the Career/Retention NCO or your S1 send us a copy of your contract. Your orders cannot be completed without turning in this document.

Carlson Wagonlit

Carlson Travel Office: Once you receive your orders, go to the Carlson Travel Office located in BLDG 4700, Suite 107, next to the elevators, and set up your flight arrangements. Unless you have specifically requested to take leave overseas, you will back your leave date up from the flight date. You will need to provide DMPO verification of your port-call date along with your leave form (DA Form 31) during your clearing appointment. If you have any questions call the Port Call Section at 580-442-2506/5410.

PCS Procedures

School TDY Enroute/TDY and Return

If you are going TDY to school in conjunction with your PCS you must get a DD Form 1610 Travel Order before you can depart for school. To obtain this travel document please contact your BN/BDE Schools NCO. Airborne School will be TDY and Return.

PCS Orders

Orders will be emailed out no earlier than 120 days prior to your report date. You must meet the Service Remaining Requirement to receive your PCS Orders. Once you have your PCS Orders, you may set up appointments with transportation and housing. You should be contacted by your gaining sponsor prior to leaving Fort Sill. If on Airborne Assignment, contact your S1 to sign your AAA-234, accepting or declining airborne status. Your S1 will witness your signature. Orders will not be released without all required forms (contact your S1 for further guidance).

PCS Procedures

Installation Out-Processing Briefing (IAW AR 600-8-101 para 3-5 a. 3)

All Soldiers leaving Fort Sill must attend the mandatory out-processing briefing 10 working days prior to the start of your PCS leave. Briefing times: Briefing times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1030 hours, excluding holidays and training holidays, 1030 hours, BLDG 4700, RM G-31. You will receive clearing guidance/documents and instructions on how to clear the Installation. All Soldiers in the grades of E-1 to E-6, WO1-CW2, and O-1 to O-3 must have a sponsor assigned in the Army Career Tracker (ACT) prior to departure. Bring 2 copies of your orders and 2 copies of your approved DA Form 31 (leave form). Certificate of Completion of eSAT Training. http://www.myarmyonesource.com/outprocessing


Now that you have completed this Online Presentation we hope that we have provided the necessary information in order for you to have a successful PCS move. If by chance you still have questions about your move, please feel free to contact the Reassignments Team for assistance.

NOTE: Please feel free to go back through this briefing to print any slide you need for your information.

Reassignment POCs

  • Reassignment Supervisor | Mr. Tracy Short | 442-2700
  • Reassignments Team Lead, Enlisted/Officer Reassignment | (31st BDE/Special Actions) | Ms. Erin Eckart | 442-0153
  • Enlisted/Officer Reassignment | (Tenant/75th BDE) | Mr. Teumalo Tasi | 442-2497v
  • Enlisted/Officer Reassignment | (434th BDE/MEDDAC/DENTAC/FCOE) | Mrs. Dianna Brice | 442-0159
  • Enlisted/Officer Reassignment | (428th BDE/30th BDE/Recruiter) | Ms. Latasha Scales | 442-3059
Certificate of Completion

This is to certify that

has completed the


This certificate is your proof that you have completed the online briefing. To complete the order writing process take this certificate with all required documents, filled out and signed to your S1. Ensure that all of your questions and concerns have been addressed, if not please check with your S-1. This is your move and this briefing is designed to provide the critical information, forms and processing procedures necessary to accommodate a smooth transition. If you did not take the time to review the slides and just printed the certificate, you and your family could potentially suffer from a lack of information or transitional understanding, negatively impacting your move. Please ensure you have gotten the most out of this briefing, the slides are fully accessible and can be referenced at anytime. Fort Sill's Military Personnel Division wishes you the best and thank you for your service!