Fort Sill Online ETS Brief


  • Welcome
  • Welcome
  • Roadmap to ETS
  • Permissive/Transition Leave
  • Separation Physical
  • Education Center
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Post Clearing
  • Transition Center
  • Finance
  • Reserve
  • DEERS/ID Cards
  • DAV
  • USO
  • CPAC
  • Conclusion
  • Certificate of Completion


This briefing is designed to provide you with easy access to the information and documents needed to complete your transition out of the Army. At the end of this briefing you should have all the necessary information to successfully complete your separation.

If you have any questions after a review of this Briefing, please:

  • Seek guidance from your S1
  • Ask one of the professionals in the related field; contact information is listed within these slides
  • Contact the Transition Center; they can help guide you (see contact information)

At the end of this brief, you will be required to print the Certificate of Completion and turn in to your Transition POC during your Final Out appointment.

Roadmap to ETS

SUGGESTED ACTIVITY 12-18  months 6 months 4 months 3 months 1 month 2 weeks Day of final out
Register w/SFL-TAP (Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program) 442-2222 X            
SHPE (Verification of completion of Soldier's Medical History DD Form 2807-1 & 2808)   X          
If orders have not been received, contact S1 for assistance     X        
Schedule Finance Appointment     X        
Submit DA Form 31 for approval      X        
Contact Reserve Component for Mandatory Counseling     X        
If living On-post, notify Corvias Military Living,  upon receipt of orders       X      
Off-post, notify landlord upon receipt of orders       X      
Contact Transportation Personnel Property       X      
Inventory issued items for CIF       X      
See S1 for Award/Good Conduct Medal       X      
Update (ERB, SGLV, DD Form 93, PERSTEMPO) with your S1         X    
Conduct Record Review; contact your S1 for assistance         X    
CAC Pin Verification         X    
Attend Installation Outprocessing Briefing Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 1030, Bldg 4700, Rm 140A (10 duty days) from ETS or Leave Start date           X  
Make an appointment with Transition Center           X  
Obtain Unit clearance papers from S1           X  
Receive OER/NCOER or memorandum for non-completion             X
Pick up DD Form 214 from Transition             X
Take copy of DD Form 214 to Reserve Component (if contracted)             X

Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) Leave

Remember, your Permissive TDY is not an “ENTITLEMENT” and may or may not be “AUTHORIZED” by the Commander.

Permissive TDY is authorized by the Commander only for specific INVOLUNTARY Enlisted Separations per AR 635-200 and INVOLUNTARY Officer Separations per AR 600-8-24.

Transition Leave

Transition Leave (leave you have accrued) is taken prior to your separation date. In block 12b of your DA Form 31, the end date MUST be your ETS or Resignation date.

Your ETS balance is minus any unprocessed leave and leave you plan to take from today until your ETS date.

You MUST clear the Installation BEFORE beginning Transition Leave.

Seperation Physical

All Soldiers transitioning are required to have their medical history verified on DD Forms 2807-1 and 2808 within 30 days of their ETS per DoDi 6040.46. Completion is recommended as early as 12 months and no later than 6 months prior to the start of PTDY, ETS Leave or Separation Date.

The completed DD Forms 2807-1 and 2808 are requirements for clearing the installation and must be provided to Transitions during your final-out appointment.

This is your last record of medical issues and it is essential that you have everything documented if you intend to make a claim for the VA Disability entitlements.

To make an Appointment for your separation physical call: RAHC at 833-286-3732

Education Center

All Soldiers transitioning are required to have their medical history verified on DD Forms 2807-1 and 2808 within 30 days of their ETS per DoDi 6040.46. Completion is recommended as early as 12 months and no later than 6 months prior to the start of PTDY, ETS Leave or Separation Date.

You will attend an Education Center brief after you attend the Out-Processing Brief. There is no appointment necessary.
  • Location: Truman Education Center Rm 5
  • Hours Of Briefing: Wednesday and Friday 1300-1400
  • Contact Number: (580) 442-3201

Transportation Office

You need to see both Transportation Offices, Personal Property and Passenger Travel, upon receiving your Orders.

Both agencies are located in Bldg 4700, Mow-Way Road. Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 0830-1530 Contact Numbers: (580) 442-3935 (Personal Property) and (580) 442-2506 (Passenger Travel)


Once you receive your orders contact your Neighborhood Housing Office immediately to schedule your appointments to clear Housing.

If you live in the barracks, please contact your Brigade Housing Liaison to schedule an appointment.

If you need to remain in housing after your final out, discuss with the Housing Office about the Exception to Policy requirements.

Bring a copy of your Housing Clearance or Exception to Policy form with you when you final-out.

Post Clearing


You are authorized 10 business days to clear. Business days are Monday-Friday and does NOT include training holidays or Federal holidays.  The 10 business days are counted from the beginning of your Permissive Leave, Transition Leave or Separation date (if no leave is taken).

You will need to report to Building 4700 Room 140A to receive your briefing and begin your Installation Clearing.  Ensure that you bring a copy of your orders and your DA Form 31 (Leave form).

The Outprocessing Brief begins at 10:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (to exclude Training and Federal Holidays).

Your unit clearance papers are provided to you by your unit S1.

Post Clearing

You are authorized 10 business days to clear. Business days are Monday-Friday and does NOT include training holidays or Federal holidays. The 10 business days are counted from the beginning of your Permissive Leave, Transition Leave or Separation date (if no leave is taken).

Ensure that you schedule and attend all scheduled appointments:
  • Appointment for CIF – 580-442-3377 (1230-1445 Monday-Thursday)
  • Appointment with Finance
  • Appointment with Truman Ed Center
  • Appointment to update your DD Form 214
  • Appointment to Final out and receive your DD Form 214

Transition Center Brief

The DD Form 214 is your record of Active Service. This also determines your eligibility for entitlements and VA Benefits.

The DD Form 214 is issued upon receipt of you completing Post Clearing on your final out date.

Your DD Form 214 is for your current enlistment. If you have had prior enlistments, your MOS, Foreign Service and Military Training should be listed on your prior DD Form 214.

Only Military Training that is 40 credit hours (1 week) or more, in class training is annotated on your DD Form 214.

The DD Form 214 is required to be digitally signed. Ensure your CAC Card works and that you know your pin.


Transition Center Brief

Once you have attended the daily Out-processing Brief make sure you immediately report to the Transition Center to schedule your update appointment and final out appointment. At this time, you will receive your DD Form 214 Worksheet and a list of documents you will need in order to final out. Your DD Form 214 Worksheet is a draft of what your actual DD Form 214 will be.

On your update appointment, we will go over your DD Form 214 Worksheet. Bring any documents that you need added to your DD Form 214, (any awards or training, etc.) not listed on your ERB/ORB. You will also be able to identify what is left to clear.

On your final appointment, you will review and sign your DD Form 214. Make sure you have all the documents listed on your appointment sheet and anything you need added to your DD Form 214.

Soldiers MUST be in uniform when clearing and during the final out process. No exceptions!

Transition Center Brief

Soldier Responsibilities

  • Notify the Transition Center immediately of any problem that may hinder your out-processing. They can help guide you and provide possible solutions.
  • Do not forget to return to Transition Center to final-out on your scheduled appointment date.
  • If you cannot final-out on your scheduled date contact the Transition Office IMMEDIATELY to reschedule.
  • You cannot sign out on leave until all clearing has been completed and you have a copy of your DD Form 214.
  • You will be given, during your final-out appointment, a copy of your installation clearing papers to turn in to your S1.
  • Ensure your CAC Card works properly and you know your pin so that you can digitally sign DD Form 214.

Transition Center POCs

  • Supervisor, Transition Center | Mr. Richard Hammonds: 442-5462 |
  • Lead HR Specialist | Officer Separations; | Retirements: M-Z | Ms. Pam Hance: 442-4051 |
  • Retirements: A-L | Ms. Donyeild Parks: 442-4411 |
  • Retirement Applications | Ms. Maria Gomez: 442-4251 |
  • MEB Retirement/Discharges; | Sanctuary; USAR/NG-REFRADs; | Chapters | Mr. John Reese: 442-4434 |
  • ETS: A-K | Ms.  Carolyn Hutchins: 442-4741 |
  • ETS: L-Z | Ms. Michelle Smith: 442-4910 |

Finance Brief

Everyone must have a Finance Separation Briefing/Interview before signing out of Fort Sill.

The purpose of our office is to ensure that your final active duty military pay is correct prior to your separation.

Separation briefings are walk-in and are held every Tuesday & Thursday at 1300 hours in the Finance One-Stop Processing area (across from the ID card waiting area).

We cannot pay your final pay until your date of separation.

Reserve Component Retention Brief

In accordance with AR 635-10 and AR 601-280, Reserve Component Career Counselors must brief all separating Soldiers on their Military Service Obligation (MSO) (if applicable), methods of fulfillment, and the benefits of membership in the Reserve Component.

This briefing is to be conducted between 90-180 days of a Soldier’s scheduled ETS date.

Individual appointments must be conducted prior to ETS and final clearance.

Email no later than 120 days out from terminal leave start date to set up an appointment.


Reserve Component Career Counselors

4700 Mow-Way Rd, Room G33

  • Enlisted:
  • SFC Campbell, RCCC | (580) 442-4107 |
  • MSG Barber, CRCR SGM | (580) 442-5930 |
  • Officers:
  • Vacant | (580) 442-5980 | Contact any counselor above for counseling
  • Silver Siege Officer

RM G33 Hours of Operation: M-F 0900-1600

Lunch: 1130-1300 NCOPD Thursdays 0900-1130


Clear DEERS/ ID Cards ONLY after you have digitally signed your DD Form 214 if instructed by Transition Center.

  • Location: Bldg 4700
  • Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 0830-1530
  • Contact Number: (580) 442-5010

DAV Brief

  • Leroy Giles, Transition Service Officer
  • Located in Building 4700 Room 317
  • (Office Hours 0800-1600)
  • & 580.442.2250


USO Brief

Tarina Pleasants | Transition Scout | (703) 310-8524 |

Building 2502, Sheridan Road | Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503 | Office Hours: 0800-1700 M-F

Free Focus Area Monthly Info Sessions

  • Transition Services: personal plan with local / national USO resources
  • Financial Readiness: what to know now for where you are in life
  • Housing: detailed knowledge and use of VA home loans and more
  • Employment Readiness Workshops: experience a mock interview and salary negotiation with our partnered companies and corporations

Civilian Personnel Adivsory Center

How to Apply for a Federal Position

  • Army Civilian Positions Worldwide:
  • Federal Civilian Positions :
  • Fort Sill Intranet - CPAC: https://sillc2doi462002/intranet/cpac.htm

Important and Information Websites


Useful Reference Numbers

  • CIF: 442-3377
  • DAV: 442-2250
  • DEERS/ID Cards: 442-5010
  • Education Center: 442-3201
  • Finance: 442-6587/9160
  • Housing: 581-2144
  • Reserve Component: 442-5930/4107
  • Separation Physical: 833-286-3732
  • Soldier for Life: 442-2222
  • Transition Center
    • A-K: 442-4910
    • L-Z: 442-4741
  • Transportation
    • Personal Property: 442-3935
    • Travel: 442-2506
  • USO: 703-310-8524

*Please print all necessary documents now*


It is our hope that these slides assist in making your separation from the Army a smooth and successful transition.

NOTE: If you still have questions, please feel free to go back through this briefing to review and print any slide you need for your information.

We wish you well in your new endeavors.

Thank you for your service to our country as a member of the Army team.



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Certificate of Completion

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This certificate is your proof that you have completed the online ETS briefing. This is your seperation and this briefing is designed to provide the critical information, processing procedures necessary to accommodate a smooth transition. Please ensure you have gotten the most out of this briefing; the slides are fully accessible and can be referenced at anytime. Fort Sill's Military Personnel Division wishes you the best and thank you for your service!