Environmental Quality Division

Compliance BranchThe Compliance Branch of EQD is located in Building 2515 Ringgold Road.
We can be reached at 580-442-3266

Our Responsibilities include the following environmental programs:

Environmental Compliance Inspections
Air Emissions
Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Management Plan
Solid Waste
Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management
Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act

All required permits and plans within these programs can be viewed upon request, by calling the phone number above.

Public Storm Water Information:

Oklahoma Directorate of Environmental Quality Storm Water Resources:

The Fort Sill Natural Resources Mission is to provide professional management and stewardship of natural resources at Fort Sill to achieve optimum use of training lands, promote biodiversity and ecosystem functionality, provide opportunities for multiple uses of natural resources, and comply with environmental laws.

We are located west of White Wolf crossing along Medicine Creek. If you can find the golf course follow Punch Bowl Road to the west and look to the south.

Natural Resources management involves many military and civilian missions on post. Much of our work and many of our missions go on behind the scene. Some of these have us working nights, weekends and unique schedules. Our missions are mainly based on federal law and executive orders with some based in regulation. These involve migratory birds, threatened or endangered species, Ag leasing, wildlife or fisheries management, ecosystem management and sustainability. You can reach us for questions at 442-4324 or 442-1010.

Recreational access is where most users interface with us. Hunters, fishermen, ATV riders using the Pig Farm Crossing ATV area… This is done at Sportsman Services. Sportsman Services, located in building 1458, can be reached at 580-442-3553. See the intranet or come by during office hours for specific regulations, circulars and memos for eligibility, timing and access requirements.

With the recent loss of Borrow Military Manpower (BMM), Sportsman Services will be transitioning to new hours and check in/out requirements. Desk hours are limited on Tuesday through Saturday. You can buy post hunting and fishing permits during these hours.

The Sportsmen Safety Class is required for anyone using the range for recreation. It is offered each Tuesday at 1700 in building 1465. Allow yourself extra time to get signed in and seated. This class is a command safety requirement prior to any recreational use of the ranges.

Other related contact needs:

Pest management needs in Corvias managed housing should be reported directly to Corvias and will be addressed through their contract pest controller. Their contact information is found at http://sill.corviasmilitaryliving.com/contact-us

For additional assistance with other pest management needs that are located outside of housing, contact the service order desk at 442-3251. Installation pest management will respond.

To report wildlife violations contact the MP Dispatcher at 442-3374 or game warden hotline at 442-6050.

Fort Sill Environmental Contact Information

Direct comments and questions about environmental documentation or the publicreview process to:

Fort Sill Environmental Quality Division
2515 Ringgold Road
Fort Sill, OK 73503
Staff may also be reached by telephone at (580) 442-2849

Storm Water Management Plan Certification
Air Quality Modeling Report
Renewable Energy and Energy Resiliency

Directorate of Public Works ▪ Building 1950 Barbour Rd. ▪ Fort Sill, OK 73505 ▪ 580-442-3015

Environmental Forms