Mission Statement

The Soldier for Life connects Army, government and community efforts to build relationships that facilitate successful reintegration of our Soldiers, retired Soldiers, veterans, and their families to keep them Army strong and instill their values, ethos and leadership within communities.

Training Opportunities

United Association of Veterans in Piping - The Veterans in Piping (VIP) program offers high-quality skills training and jobs in the pipe trades to active duty military personnel preparing to leave the service. UA General President William P. Hite established the program as a means of addressing two important issues:

  • A growing shortage in the construction industry of skilled workers due to the combined effects of an aging workforce, increased demand, and lack of skills training for youth; and

  • An exceedingly high unemployment rate for US veterans, despite their being a disciplined and highly trainable population.

ABF Freight, Inc. - ABF Freight operates the core less-than-truckload network for North American shippers of all sizes who value quality and the exceptional experience we provide every day. Through this partnership, military service members will received the training and help needed to become truck drivers after their discharge from the service.