Inbound Personnel

Inbound Marines,

Congratulations on your assignment to the United States Marine Corps Artillery Detachment. I am certain you will find your tour at the professional home of Marine Artillery to be both challenging and professionally rewarding. Since 1952, Fort Sill has been the center of artillery training for both officer and enlisted Marines, and Marines have established a legacy of outstanding academic performance and superb instruction. Not only does the school provide for the educational and professional development of all artillerymen, we also stay connected to the operating force to update doctrine, TTPs and incorporate lessons learned from ongoing combat operations.

Information about the Lawton/Fort Sill area can be obtained from Fort Sill’s Family Service Center or by accessing the Fort Sill internet home page at: http://sill-www.army.mil. This site also has links to the DOD Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service. You can access the Marine Detachment website at: http://sill-www.army.mil/usmc/. One of the few problems for a Marine here is maintaining adequate uniforms. The Post Exchange (PX) has miscellaneous items but is not equipped to handle our total uniform needs. You should ensure that your dress uniforms and shirts are in good condition. You will need your dress uniforms for the variety of social functions that you will attend.

Upon arrival at Fort Sill, report to the Marine Corps Artillery Detachment, Building #759, 759 McNair Avenue for administrative processing. The telephone numbers are: DSN 639-3979/6199 or commercial (580) 442-3979/6199. The Staff Duty extension is: DSN 639-5615. Inbound Officers should contact the Detachment Executive Officer, Lt. Col. Rick Royse, as your PCS date nears so we know when to expect you. His contact information is 580-442-6498. Do not hesitate to contact the Marine Detachment for any assistance or questions in order to make this transition for you and your family as smooth as possible.


Douglas P. Thomas
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

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