U.S. Army Field Artillery School Mission

The Field Artillery School trains Soldiers, Officers and Marines in tactics, techniques and procedures for the use of fire support systems in combat. The school provides individual training from the basic level to mid-level leadership skills. The shool supports collective training of lessons learned on todays battlefields by maintaining a professional conversation with Soldiers and Marines in the field through the Fires Bulletin magazine, blogs and other media, and by supporting high-tech gaming simulations for the advance training of staff elements throughout the military. At all times, the school supports the field artillery mission, which is to destroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon, rocket and missile fire and to help integrate all lethal and nonlethal fire support assets into combined arms operations.


(FA) - Field Artillery
(DCG FA ARNG) - Deputy Commanding General Field Artillery National Guard
(CSM) - Command Sergeant Major
(XO) - Executive Officer
(CFLA) - Cultural and Foreign Language Advisor
(FAPO) - Field Artillery Proponency Office
(STRATCOM) - Strategic Communications
(FRSA) - Family Resource Support Advisor
(DAC FA ARNG) - Deputy Assistant Commandant Field Artillery Army National Guard