Mission Statement

The mission of the Field Artillery is to destroy, suppress or neutralize the enemy by cannon, rocket or missile fire and to help integrate all fire support assets into operations

"What we're looking for...knowledge, skills, and behaviors"

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A Primer for the King of Battle

The Field Artillery Proponent Office maintains a balanced and sustainable branch of Officers, Warrant Officers, NCOs and Soldiers to facilitate the execution of the Field Artillery’s missions.

FA Lieutenant Positions

  • Field Artillery Officer's hold unparalleled creative problem solving, decision making and management skills.
  • YOU are the best at delivering lethal and non-lethal fires and effects, but in reality, you are directly leading, supervising, training, facilitating and executing the mission.
  • Your translated expertise includes: leading personnel management, strategy, targeting, logistics, operations, planning, leadership development, training, program management, and research.
  • Introduction to Field Artillery Officer Jobs: https://www.facebook.com/artilleryredlegs/videos/742658693166146/
  • Violently apply lethal fires within the law of war and rules of engagement.
  • Maneuver Commander’s go-to Lieutenant for all indirect fires. You shape the battlefield.
  • Integrates Close Air Support (CAS), Army Attack Aviation (AAA), and all other fires platforms available.
  • Expert in precision targeting and advises the commander on all indirect weapons effects.
  • Embedded with maneuver units at the company/troops echelon. You build relationships across the force.
  • Assignments within Infantry, Armor, Cavalry, Air Assault, Airborne, Ranger Regiment, and Special Forces Units.
  • Leader of the section responsible for all technical and tactical Fire Direction Center (FDC) Operations.
  • Responsible for verifying target location, accuracy of firing data, and determine method for attacking targets.
  • Controls and decides the number and type of munitions to most effectively complete the mission.
  • Requires detailed planning and coordination for the operation of specialized digital computer systems.
  • Receives missions from the FSO and supports the mission with indirect fires in the most expedient way.
  • Field Artillery Fire Direction Officer (FDO) https://www.facebook.com/artilleryredlegs/videos/3077867098917766/
  • Leads a platoon of up to 54 Soldiers with three howitzers or four launchers.
  • Capable of firing and producing more combat damage than any other Lieutenant on the battlefield.
  • Excels in leading Soldiers and maintaining property. Commonly hand receipts can reach $40 million.
  • Solely responsible for establishing and maintaining the firing capability of the platoon.

FA Officer Outlook

  • Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) is an 18 week, 4 day course to teach Officers the fundamentals of being a Field Artillery Officer.
  • This course focuses on three primary leadership positions: Platoon Leader, Fire Support Officer, and Fire Direction Officer.
  • Captains Career Course (CCC) is a 20 week course focusing on Battery Command, Battalion Fire Direction, and Battalion Fire Support Officer tasks.
  • Course includes core competencies required for a wide variety of assignments.
  • Command and General Staff College (CGSC) conducted at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas is designed to broaden knowledge of staff responsibility at the Division and Corps echelon Headquarters.
  • Officers are introduced to interagency and non-governmental organizations and the challenges that await working in the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multi-National level.
  • The Army War College is conducted at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.
  • Designed to teach how to work at the Service, Joint and Interagency level.
  • This level answers issues and challenges that are more ambiguous and require different perspective.