NCO Academy 3-Step Action Plan

1. Wearing of Mask
2. Physical Distancing
3. Washing your Hands
* Lack of compliance with COVID Mitigation standards can get you, your family members, and your classmates sick and impact completing your PME.
*Derelict behaviors and actions against COVID mitigation can have you dismissed from the course.

Address and Directions

Building #3662 Swartz Street, Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503

Directions from Key Gate (I-44 Exits)
1. Follow Sheridan Road, west
2. Turn left onto Currie Road
3. Turn right onto Swartz St
4. Ending at Building #3662

Directions from Bentley Gate (Sheridan Road)
1. Follow Sheridan Road
2. Turn right onto Thomas Street
3. Turn left onto Tacy Street
4. Turn right onto Swartz Road
5. Ending at Building #3662

Directions from Scott Gate (Fort Sill Blvd.)
1. Follow Fort Sill Blvd
2. Turn left onto Thomas Street
3. Turn right onto Currie Road
4. Turn Left onto Swartz ending at Building #3662