Office Location

Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security - Mobilization Branch
455 McNair Avenue, Suite 201B
Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Contact Us

Mobilization Branch Training Specialist: (580) 442-1844
External Unit Training Specialist: (580) 558-0944
FAX: 442-4728
Email: usarmy.sill.imcom-central.mbx.tng-mgr@mail.mil

“Provide centralized management of Fort Sill External Unit Training Program for Active and Reserve component, National Guard or other intergovernmental agencies training at Fort Sill. Facilitate external unit planning and coordination process, life support services, and training facility. Provide priorities to resource support for military exercises, new equipment testing and studies, and civilian agency activities.”

Key Tasks
  • Serve as the principal organization for synchronizing, coordinating and monitoring all support requirements for external units in conjunction with Fort Sill directorates
  • Manage the training priorities, activities, and expenditures for visiting organizations on Fort Sill
  • Collect, analyze and submit reports in support of external unit activity on Fort Sill
  • Maintain administrative control of military units, JROTC's and federal organizations in accordance with OPORD 006-13, Fort Sill External Unit Training Program
  • Coordinate training support for other military branches executing joint activities and training events on Fort Sill

1. The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security (DPTMS)-Mobilization Branch will serve as installation hub for the external unit training program (see diagram 1). Mobilization Branch is responsible for external unit program development, implementation and compliances IAW Fort Sill Regulatory Policy and Procedures.

2. Mobilization Branch will schedule planning meetings, In Progress Reviews (IPRs) and teleconferences in order to facilitate unit training missions and control Fort Sill resources. Installation agencies will adhere to the Fort Sill order by synchronizing essential services and support needed to facilitate external unit training objective.

3. Unit requesting Fort Sill resources are require to submit FS-TSF not later than 45-days prior to start of training date. Requirements must detail unit event as well as personnel strength and contact information.

4. Mobilization Branch will ensure all pertinent data is disseminated out to all FCOE / DPTMS directorates and supporting elements for training approval and cost. Directorates will have 3-5 days to respond with approval and provide Mobilization Branch a cost estimate if mission requires it.

5. All cost estimates are subject to changes; units must either accept or reject service being provided. In addition, units will only be charge for items consumed and will be reimbursed the differences.

1. Must all external training units, DoD organizations and civilian agencies coming to Fort Sill fill out a Fort Sill Training Support Form (FS Form FS-TSF)? Yes, Mobilization Branch tracks personnel, training and resources as well as develop weekly situation reports (SITREPs) that is briefed during the Fort Sill Command & Staff meeting.

2. How many days in advance should a unit prepare a FS-TSF? We request that all organization submit their FS-TSF at least 45-days out to ensure proper support.

3. Can I make changes to our FS-TSF? Yes, you can submit changes up to two weeks out. Please ensure you annotate on your FS-TSF the Changes 1 or 2 next to the presentation date on upper right portion of page 1.

4. How will I know if there is a cost involved in our training session? After submitting your FS-TSF, we will review it for questionable remarks. Afterward we will staff it out to all supporting agencies for approval and determination of cost is needed for support or service rendered. This action will normally take anywhere from 3-5 days from date of submission. Unit will have to make payment prior to service being rendered. Payment is normally provided by establishing an account either through MIPR or GFEBS utilizing support from our Budget Analyst.

5. Does timely submission of the FS-TSF guarantee a unit the required training resources? No, resources are limited and we give priority to mobilizing units, Basic training and Advance Individual training units and then active duty units stationed on Fort Sill.

6. I would like to schedule several planning meetings prior to our unit's arrival, how do we accomplish that? Normally, Mobilization Branch will coordinate planning meeting, if necessary, with all Fort Sill agencies (DOL, DPW, DES, FCOE G33, Range Control, and RACH) so that all resources is synchronized to support unit training objectives. There is no limitation on how many meetings we will conduct. We also use various methods to schedule unit planning meetings, i.e. teleconference, site visits, PDSS, VTCs, and internet.

7. Can external unit cancel a training event? Yes, we only request that they cancel at least two-weeks out so that we don't tie up resources and obligate funding for resources not needed. Any unit failing to cancel schedule training event will be charged full cost for service requested, regardless if they utilized the goods requested.

8. If I need more information on the Fort Sill External Unit Training program, who should I call? Please contact our Mobilization Branch at (580) 442-1844 or (580) 558-0944, our office is open M-F from 0730-1600, exceptions are weekends and holidays.