Mission Statement

Provide religious support across the full spectrum of training and operations at Fort Sill. Ensure all military personnel, family members, and civilians have access to free exercise of religion to include spiritual, moral and ethical leadership.


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Cache Creek Chapel (CCC)

6043 Rothwell Street
Fort Sill, OK 73503
(580) 442-2637

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Frontier Chapel (FCC)

4121 Thomas Rd
Fort Sill, OK 73505
(580) 442-2701

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New Post Chapel (NPC)

1005 Shade Ave
Fort Sill, OK 73505

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Old Post Chapel (OPC)

425 Hamilton Rd
Fort Sill, OK 73505

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Grierson Hill Chapel (GHC)

3280 Crane Ave.
Fort Sill, OK 73505


Sunday Service 0930-1030 & 1100-1200 at New Post Chapel (NPC) Bldg. 1005
POC: CH (MAJ) Gresham (580) 442-4819

Friday Sabbath Service 1800-2000 at Cache Creek Chapel (CCC) RM 11-13 Bldg. 6043

Sunday Service 0900-1000 at Old Post Chapel (OPC)
POC: CH (CPT) Shipma (580) 442-8706

Sunday Service Initial Entry Trainees 0830-1130 at 1-40th FA BN Classroom RM 127
POC: Tom Davis (360) 931-0715

Sunday Service 1100-1300 at Frontier Chapel Center (FCC) Bldg. 4121
POC: CH (CPT) Krystal McKoy (580) 442-4722

Permanent Party/Families/Retirees Sunday Mass 0900-1015 at Grierson Hill Chapel(GHC) Bldg. 3280
Basic Trainee Sunday Mass Service 1100-1200 at Cache Creek Chapel (CCC) Bldg. 6043
Mass held Monday-Friday 1145-1215 at Frontier Chapel Center Bldg. 4121
Confessions by appointment or 30 minutes prior to Sunday Mass.
POC: CH (CPT) Letran (580) 558-0560

Friday Service @ Cache Creek Chapel RM 44-45 BLDG 6043
POC: CH (LTC) Hall (580) 442-3319

Sunday Service 0830-1130 at 1-40th FA BN RM 127 RM 126
POC: Lia Pender (315) 777-6056