Mission Statement

LTC Elise Ffitch Commander
CSM James R. Harris Command Sergeant Major

The 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery was first constituted June 13, 1861, in the Regular Army as Battery H, 5th Regiment of Artillery and was organized July 4, 1871, at Fort Greble, Penn. During this time, the unit participated in the Civil War and earned twenty four Campaign streamers in battles such as Manassas, Antietem, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga. From 1901 to 1924, the unit was reorganized and redesignated several times and finally disbanded on June 26, 1944.

Prior to its inactivation, the unit once again answered the call to duty and earned nine campaign streamers for its participation in battle fought during World War II. The unit was again reconstituted in the Regular Army on June 28, 1950, with a consolidated redesignation as Battery A, 24th Anti-Aircraft Battalion. The unit was activated April 16, 1952, in the Republic of Korea and earned four Korean War campaign streamers. The unit was later inactivated in 1954. After its short existence in the Republic of Korea, the Battalion was redesignated a year later as Battery A, 24th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Missile Battalion and was activated June 1, 1955, at Fort Banks, Mass. Once again, the Battalion suffered numerous reconstructions and reorganizations which included designations as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 5th Rocket Howitzer Battalion, 5th Artillery (Army Reserve), assigned to the 94th Infantry Division; and 5th Howitzer Battalion, 5th Artillery (Army Reserve), assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division in the Republic of Korea. Additional decorations include two Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations: the first is embroidered KOREA; the second is embroidered DEFENSE OF KOREA.

Today, the 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery stands ready and vigilant to strategically deploy to any theater in the world and provide air and missile defense to critical assets in support of 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command.

BN CDR 580-442-4468
BN CSM 580-442-5292
BN XO 580-442-0182
S1 580-442-831
S2 580-442-8026
S3 580-442-8326
S4 580-422-8191
S6 OIC 580-442-5587