FAPO Objectives

The Proponent Office provides oversight of the eight personnel life-cycle management functions* related to all Field Artillery career fields (officer and enlisted).

Additionally, it facilitates personnel related requirements and actions in close coordination with Human Resources Command (EPMD/OPMD), the Fires Center of Excellence at Fort Sill and all units, agencies or elements impacted by personnel management decisions, actions and/or functions.

The office maintains a balanced and sustainable branch of officers, warrant officers, NCO’s and Soldiers to facilitate the execution of the Field Artillery’s mission.

LifeCycle Functions

A modernized Field Artillery community led by agile and innovative leaders who provide tactical overmatch for Force 2025 and beyond through effective integration of precision joint and combined arms fires.

  • Structure
  • Acquisition
  • Distribution
  • Sustainment
  • Compensation
  • Personnel development
  • Deployment
  • Transition