Welcome Patriot Top Gun Students

Welcome and congratulations on your selection to attend Patriot Top Gun Course! Please review the information about the course and the orientation material provided regarding your attendance of the Patriot Top Gun course and TDY to Fort Sill. References include the Fort Sill Blue Book, Fort Sill IT Travel Policy, The Patriot Top Gun Course Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP), a class orientation briefing, and suggested preparation resources.

Course History

The affirmed need for a Patriot Top Gun course grew out of reoccurring experiences reported during Operation Iraqi Freedom and feedback from commanders, which strongly points to a need for greater emphasis on existing Air and Missile Defense (AMD) planning, air battle management skills, and knowledge sets. While Top Gun is not an air battle management course, the gained understanding of the Patriot system will allow officers to better train their units, and plan for the employment of the Patriot system.

Course Scope

The Patriot Top Gun course requires six weeks of temporary duty (TDY) and is exceptionally demanding. The course challenges the students’ competencies using hands on training, examinations and practical exercises. The students are required to design a Patriot AMD plan, and present their plan before a defense design academic review panel.

Graduation Requirements

Students gaining admittance into the course must achieve a 90% or above on all end of module written examinations. Any student failing to achieve a 90% on a written examination will be allowed one re-test; they must score a minimum of 90% in order to remain in the course. Any student failing to achieve a 90% on the re-test will be immediately released from the course and returned to their respective unit.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion, Patriot Top Gun students will have received “graduate level” training in defense design, battle management/command and control, and joint air and missile defense operations. All students are expected to provide mentorship upon return to their units in order to maximize combat effectiveness and develop training programs to prepare other officers to attend the Patriot Top Gun Course. If you have any questions, please contact the Patriot Top Gun Course Manager at (580) 442-5360 or spencer.d.knight.mil@army.mil.

Patriot Top Gun Course Manager

Course Information:
Welcome Letter
Fort Sill Blue Book
Fort Sill IT Travel Policy
PTG Orientation
PTG Suggested Preperation Resources