Welcome 14A ADA Officer Reclassification Students! On behalf of Command Team and all supporting & teaching staff of 2-6 ADA, we would like to formally welcome you to the 14A Reclassification Course! Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our vision, learning priorities, and initial in-processing instructions. This will facilitate your professional development & growth while attending this course.

The 14A Reclassification course will graduate technically & tactically proficient Leaders, across a broad range of Air Defense weapon systems & sensors, capable of employing critical & creative thinking in conjunction with doctrinal foundations. The intent of this course is to provide a brief 120 hour overview of all of the capabilities, limitations, and operational challenges inherent to the branch that an Air Defender may face in wide variety of complex & dynamic environments.


Learning Environment
Everybody learns differently; this class will be taught mostly in large groups and relies upon student participation to enhance the quality of the course. Everyone has had a different experience in the US Army and all are value added to the class. Students should conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner, especially when in a collaborative environment. As Leaders, students are expected to set the example for those around them and this starts with participation.

Physical Excellence
There is no physical fitness test associated with this course, but it is expected that all Students conduct physical fitness, every morning from 0630-0730, with the ADA CCC course in session. Morning physical fitness locations will be pushed out by your instructors.

Team work
It is encouraged for all students to work together—we succeed or fail as a team. Student working groups and study groups are encouraged within the bounds of the academic guidelines established in the ISAP.

Integrity and loyalty are key attributes that both cadre and the chain of command look for in students. All cadre exist to guide students through personal & professional issues to ensure the maintenance of a positive environment which fosters growth. Unprofessionalism will not be tolerated and may result in a negative course evaluation and, or removal from the course.

Although students will be subject to the unit and course mentorship programs, it is an individual responsibility to participate in these events. Unwillingness to participate will negatively affect the junior officers and also inhibits the class’s ability to learn.

All blocks of instruction and content are based around doctrinal foundations. Individual experiences are invaluable and a key element of the classroom environment

Lastly, all Students are the custodians of the Profession of Arms; they are the future Leader of the US Army and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Like all training, cadre aim to prepare students to become agile and adaptive Leaders, capable of operating in a complex environments as part of the staff or command team.

Once you have travel orders (DA Form 1610) and a valid ATTRS reservation (DA Form 4187), do not hesitate to reach out to the course manager listed below or any of the Small Group Instructors.

The point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at 580-558-0128. Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADACPTsCareerCourse/ Shoot us a message should you encounter any issues while on leave!


ADA CCC Manager

  1. This course is 120 hours or 12x, ten hour days and adheres to the following course map:
  2. Process a DA Form 4187 through your local unit schools section to get a valid reservation in ATTRS (NOTE: Recommend completing this at least 90 days out from execution)
  3. There are only 25x slots in this class so only the first 25x students to apply will have valid reservation in ATTRS. However, we can teach up to to 40x students (capped due to student—instructor ratios) and the remaining 15 will have a wait list status, but will be admitted into the course.
  4. Use your ATTRS reservation or waitlist status to process your DD Form 1610, travel orders in DTS (NOTE: Recommend completing this at least 45 days out from execution).

  5. • If you have a reservation status, per diem, lodging, rental vehicle and fuel are authorized.
    • However, Soldiers must attempt to save money wherever possible—for example, 4x Soldiers
    from the same unit can travel together in the same rental car as opposed to each Soldier having their own.
    • Class Room locations are not within walking distance
    • Soldiers with a wait-list status must use local unit funds to attend the course.
    • Approximately 30-60 days prior to course execution, FCOE will forward the student course list to on post lodging (IHG) and create a reservation; if you are on a wait-list or do not have a valid DA Form 4187, just book a hotel off post within the authorized amount of lodging per diem. Validate lodging reservations with IHG to confirm.
    • Dining Facilities are available for use, but require the Soldier to have their DD Form 1610 on their person for entry (if this is an option, full per diem is not authorized).
    • Please refer to your local DTS clerk or specialist for any further questions in this regard.

  6. Once you have your DA4187 and DD Form 1610, you are ready for travel!
  7. This course takes place in a classroom environment; therefore there is no need to draw or bring an type of CIF gear. However, you must ensure you bring OCPs and PT’s to support training events.
  8. The initial report location will be specified in a welcome email from the course manager. All applicable maps and resources are located on Fort Sill’s webpage: https://sill-www.army.mil.
  9. To access the online repository of course material, please complete the following:

  10. • First, please log-in to Blackboard at https://ellc.learn.army.mil.
    • You will not have any access to courses in the system, however the initial log in will get your account added so that we may assign you to a course.
    • Please send Mr. Brandon Skinner and Andrew Simon: brandon.j.skinner.ctr@mail.mil, andrew.m.simons.ctr@mail.mil
    Travel safe, and we look forward to your attendance in the course. The point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at 580-558-0126. Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADACPTsCareerCourse/ DOCTRINA VIN PROMOVET!

    CPT, AD
    ADA CCC Manager