On behalf of the Command team and all supporting & teaching staff of 2-6 ADA, we would like to formally welcome you to the ADA Reserve Component Captain’s Career Course (RC-CCC) ! Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our vision, learning priorities, and initial in-processing instructions. This will facilitate your professional development & growth while attending RC-CCC.

ADA RC-CCC will graduate technically & tactically proficient Leaders across a broad range of Air Defense weapon systems capable of employing critical & creative thinking in conjunction with doctrinal foundations, throughout the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP). The intent is to produce synchronized orders that enable Commanders at all levels to effectively exercise mission command in a complex & dynamic operational environment. Students are actively encouraged to seek out all learning opportunities leveraging individual and class experiences collectively to grow and evolve throughout the course.


Learning Environment.
Everybody learns differently; both small and large group learning are to be conducted in a respectful and courteous manner and in a collaborative environment. As Leaders, students are expected to set the example for those around them and this starts with participation.

Team work.
ADA RC-CCC is a stressful and demanding course. It is encouraged for all students to work together to ensure no one is left behind. Student working groups and study groups are encouraged within the bounds of the academic guidelines established in the ISAP.

Integrity and loyalty are key attributes that both cadre and the chain of command look for in students. All cadre exist to guide students through personal & professional issues to ensure the maintenance of a positive environment which fosters growth. Unprofessionalism will not be tolerated and may result in a negative course evaluation and, or removal from the course.

All ADA RC-CCC instruction and content is based around doctrinal foundations. Individual experiences are invaluable and a key element of the classroom environment. However, all MDMP and tactical training will be grounded in doctrine

Lastly, ADA RC-CCC Students are the custodians of the Profession of Arms; they are the future Leader of the US Army and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Like all training, cadre aim to prepare students to become agile and adaptive Leaders, capable of operating in a complex environments as part of the staff or command team

Once you have orders to attend RC-CCC, do not hesitate to reach out to the course manager listed below or any of the Small Group Instructors. Feel free to “Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADACPTsCareerCourse/. Shoot us a message should you encounter any issues! DOCTRINA VIM PROMOVET!

Mr. Brandon Skinner
ADA CCC (RC) Instructor

ADA CCC Manager

  1. Pre-Course Requirements
    1. This course is sequential and consists of both distance learning (dL) and resident courses. ADACCC RC Phase 0 is 75x hours of common core and must be completed prior to attending Phase I, which is 120x hours of resident common core. Phase II is a 75x hours of dL Air & Missile Defense (AMD) training, which must be completed prior to attending phase III, which is 120 hours of resident AMD training. All three phases must be completed within a 13 month window.
    2. You will receive SIPR briefs throughout the duration of Phases I and III of ADACCC RC. With this in mind, please ensure your security clearance is verified and JPAS verification is sent to the POCs listed below
    3. During the first week of ADACCC RC Phase I, you will be administered the Army Physical Fitness Test and a Height and Weight screening during the first week of the course. Per AR 350-6, you must pass the initial APFT and Height and Weight to remain in the course. You will have ONE re-test that occurs seven days after the initial APFT Failure. Failure to pass may result in a referred DA Form 1059 and a mandatory 180 day waiting period before re-enrollment. With this in mind, ensure you are ready to meet the standard UPON arrival. ACFT will be the test of record as of 01OCT20
    4. This course is facilitated through the use of Blackboard [especially phase II]. Taking this into account, once you have a valid DA Form 4187 and ATTRS reservation, contact the ADACCC team (listed below) and conduct the following:
    • Students should go to the following URL: https://fcoe.ellc.learn.army.mil
    • After logging in to Blackboard (above link), they should select the "Courses" link at the top of the page, and then select the "Browse Course Catalog" option. Enter "Air Defense Artillery Captains Career dL (Phase II) Course" without quotes and select the "Go" button. The course should be displayed.
    • Moussing over the "Course ID" column will display a downward chevron. Clicking the chevron displays a pop-up menu that has an "Enroll" option. Selecting "Enroll" takes the user to the "Self-Enrollment" page where they then verify the course they are wanting enrolled into, and then select the "Submit" button if the information is correct.
    • This will send an email to all instructors in the course. The Instructor will then decide whether or not to enroll the student into the course.
    • Please send your blackboard user name and a copy of your ORB to our team.
  2. While attending this course for Phase I and III you will be on TDY orders (DD Form 1610), which are processed through DTS (coordinating instructions are listed below to help facilitate this process).
    • Taking this into account, there is no need to report or in-process thru the Installation Welcome Center (BLDG 4700).
    • If you have a reservation status in ATTRS, per diem, lodging, rental vehicle and fuel are authorized.
    • However, Soldiers must attempt to save money wherever possible-for example, 4x Soldiers from the same unit can travel together in the same rental car as opposed to each Soldier having their own.
    • Class Room locations are not within walking distance so local DTS managers will have to manage use of rental cars (i.e. 1x rental car per 4x students from the same unit) 3.
    • Approximately 30-60 days prior to course execution, FCOE will forward the student course list to on post lodging
    • (IHG) and create a reservation; if you are on a wait-list or do not have a valid DA Form 4187, just book a hotel off post within the authorized amount of lodging per diem.
    • Validate lodging reservations with IHG to confirm. IHG's contact number is (580) 355-4475.
    • Dining Facilities are available for use, but require the Soldier to have their DD Form 1610 on their person for entry (if this is an option, full per diem is NOT authorized).
    • For any specific COVID-19 PCS/TDY travel questions, Soldiers can contact HRC’s Army Service Center at 1-800-582-5552.

  1. Reporting/In-Processing [for Phase I and III].
    1. All in-processing will occur at a time and specific location to be determined in the welcome email which normally goes out 30-45 days prior to course execution. Most all training will occur in Snow Hall (BLDG 730).
    2. CCC for Reserve Component and National Guard Army is a TDY course.
    3. This course is conducted in a classroom environment. There is no requirement to draw gear from CIF. All students must report in OCPs, with seasonal weather outer garments unless otherwise specified above. You must also ensure you have appropriate PT uniforms.
  2. All applicable maps and resources are located on Fort Sill's webpage: https://sill-www.army.mil.
  3. The point of contact for RC-CCC is your Small Group Instructor, Mr. Brandon Skinner, or the ADACCC Course Manager at 580-558-0126, CPT Brett Lewis.

  4. Mr. Brandon Skinner
    ADA CCC (RC) Instructor

    CPT Brett G. Lewis
    ADA CCC Manager