Mission Statement

The Hard Charger Battalion executes Initial Military Training and Professional Military Education to develop physically fit, competent, resilient, confident and adaptable Field Artillery Leaders to the operating force; individually capable of immediately contributing to their unit of assignment by integrating and executing lethal and non-lethal fires.

LTC Jeffrey P. Fleming Commander
CSM Matthew J. Orr Command Sergeant Major

Unit Coat of Arms Shield:
The field is red for the Field Artillery. The barrulets wavy symbolize the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean areas of service, with the North Star indicating Aleutian honors and the lindwurm (a German dragon) representing service in that theater.

The design of the crest refers to the unit's service in Germany during the critical years between 1951 and 1957. The tower stands for strength and vigilance. In addition, the tower with three windows is the symbol of St. Barbara, patroness of Artillerymen. The cross is taken from the arms of the city of Bonn, Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany which the organization stood ready to defend. The black clouds refer to the threat of war which hung over Europe during the above years when the organization was one of the units manning our first line of defense in Western Europe.

The coat of arms was originally approved for the 30th Field Artillery Battalion on 24 August 1951. It was redesignated for the 30th Artillery Regiment on 12 November 1958. It was amended to add a crest on 4 November 1964. The insignia was redesignated for the 30th Field Artillery Regiment effective 1 September 1971.

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S1 Personnel (580) 442-4662/4665
S2 Intelligence (580) 442-0029
S3 Operations (580) 442-6415
S4 Logistics (580) 442-5092
S6 Commo (580) 442-3582
BDE Staff Duty Desk: (580) 442-2803
Mobile: (580) 442-9950
BDE Chaplain (580) 442-0020
Assistant: (580) 442-3440
Retention (580) 442-4660
BDE SARC (580) 442-4564
Mobile: 483-5943
BDE Victim Advocate (580) 442-6280
Mobile: 580-458-9223
EO (580) 442-3571


MAJ Peter J. Semanoff Commander
SFC Zachary S. Wilkerson First Sergeant
CPT Kristan N. Hatch Commander
1SG Tyler M. Walden First Sergeant