Redleg Update
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Division Artillery (DIVARTY) S2 Lessons Learned
This paper discusses nine focus areas that are relevant to supporting DIVARTY and Division operations in Large-Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) against a near-pear threat... More »
Bringing Back the Fire Support Task: The Future of Fire Support Rehearsal
Reducing enemy combat power in the Deep Fight is ultimately the business of Fires and Intelligence professionals. As the Fires and Intel warfighting functions (WFFs) enable maneuver operations, the essence of that relationship hinges on the effectiveness... More »
In the Opening Days of War, Let the Army lead in Targeting
Current doctrine and the theater air ground system assign target and strike coordination to the Air Force, with the other services playing a supporting role. When adversary air defenses deny air support, the U.S. military might find that a converse... More »
A Battery Commander’s Lessons Learned from National Training Center Rotation 19-07
The following article is a reflection on failures and discovery that occurred during one battery’s rotation as a part of the Army’s newest ABCT. Hopefully, these points provide lessons learned to current and future battery commanders as they prepare... More »
Training Blast from the Past: FA on Target in the Storm
MG Fred Marty (1942-2013), then the FAS Commandant, concisely summed up the fundamental lesson that Redlegs could take from DESERT STORM: “Not since World War II has fire support in general and FA in particular proved such a major force... More »

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