What We Do

We do so much more than just pull a lanyard. We influence the battlefield. We are the best TEAM in the Army. The Field Artillery culture and environment is unlike any other in the Army. Execution of the Field Artillery mission requires a cooperative team effort from sensor to shooter. Lifetime bonds and relationships are formed within this team that prides itself not only on adaptability and versatility, but precision and lethality.

MYTH:The Field Artillery isn’t relevant in today’s Army and today’s fight.
FACT: Last year, 35,000 Field Artillery cannon rounds were fired in Afghanistan to include high explosive rounds, bunker busters, illumination, smoke and GPS guided munitions. The FA officer is the “common thread,” who is responsible for integrating all FIRES and influencing the entire battlefield, and thus, continues to coordinate joint sensors and delivery systems such as UAVs, close air support, attack helicopters, missiles, rockets and mortars.

MYTH: BOLC is long, boring with classroom lectures and is difficult.
FACT: BOLC is 18 weeks, 4 days, which is a little longer than other BOLCs, because we need to teach you the FA-specific skills. Besides classroom lectures, you will participate in a number of field exercises and world-class simulation exercises, where you can practice calling in rounds on targets. Each 2LT in BOLC fires, on average, $100,000 worth of live rounds.

MYTH: Fort Sill is not a desirable place to be stationed (even if just for BOLC).
FACT: For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of lakes, hiking and hunting; all of which is in the backyard of Fort Sill. Witchita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is connected to the north side of post. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a one-of-a-kind destination in southwest Oklahoma.The refuge spans over 59,000 acres and is home to free range buffalo, Texas longhorn cattle, prairie dogs, elk and deer. Hikers and photographers will be astounded by the amount of incredible scenery offered within the refuge. Recreation opportunities include mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, camping, picnic areas and fishing. Fort Sill is only an hour drive from Oklahoma City and a two-hour drive to Dallas.

MYTH: FA does not have many military school opportunities.
FACT: Each 2LT will complete requirements for JFO qualification. Upon graduation of BOLC, slots are available for Ranger school, Airborne, Air Assault, and Pathfinder.

MYTH: There is no guarantee that I’ll get to be an FSO/PL, especially for females who are limited in the FA.
FACT: It is the goal of the FA branch to get every 2LT/1LT experience and time in all three major jobs (FSO, PL and FDO), and all jobs in the FA are open to females.

MYTH: As an FA officer, I am limited to where I can post.
FACT: FA officers are stationed wherever there are maneuver units – both overseas and in the U.S. FA officers also have the opportunity to be stationed on Naval and Air Force bases as Ground Liaison Officers (GLO).