What We do

ADA officers personally plan, coordinate, and execute Air and Missile Defense (AMD) operations across the globe.

Upon graduation from the ADA Basic Officer Leadership Course, ADA officers are immediately assigned as Platoon Leaders with responsibility for 15-30 Soldiers and up to $500 million in advanced equipment.


At Fort Sill, OK, ADA BOLC is 19-weeks of training will instil Army principles preparing ADA Lieutenants to be Platoon Leaders upon graduation. This includes topics such as Troop Leading Procedures, Training Management, Army Writing, and ADA-specific training to maneuver, deploy, and fire ADA's robust weapons arsenal.

Opportunities for Battery Command occur as early as the fifth year of service, leaving ample time to pursue graduate education or broadening assignments both within or outside the branch.

Additional Skills

ADA Officers enjoy opportunities to build additional skills through specialty schools like Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Patriot Top Gun, Air Defense Airspace Management and the ADA Fire Control Officer Course.

ADA Officer Career Progression

After 18-24 months building leadership experience at the platoon level, ADA officers may serve as Battery Executive Officers or Tactical Directors prior to attending the Captains Career Course.