13R Fire Finder Radar Operator

Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion 78th Field Artillery

13R Quick Reference Guide

Charlie Battery, Contact Information
Staff Duty: 580-442-5322 / 6066

OPSEC: Operational Security
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The weapon locating radar (WLR) operator is crucial to the Army’s Field Artillery radar team. Weapon locating radars use radio frequencies to detect artillery, rockets and mortars. The WLR operator uses the radar to detect enemy indirect weapons systems by following the flight path of their artillery rounds.

The radar operator then transmits the data to a fire direction center for clearance of fires. The fire direction center sends targeting data to artillery batteries to destroy those weapons in a timely manner. The radar operator adds to force protection as the “radar eyes” of a brigade combat team.

Duties performed by this MOS include:

  • Emplaces and displaces the radar and ancillary equipment
  • Initializes and operates all radar and ancillary equipment
  • Transmits the point of origin to the counterfire operations section
  • Maintains record of transmitted locations
  • Operates and performs maintenance on the radar's prime movers
  • Performs unit maintenance using built-in-test/built-in-test-equipment, fault detection and isolation
  • Isolates failures to a line replaceable unit or shop replaceable unit that can be replaced by a crewmember

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