Family Resources

Dear Soldier,

Welcome to the 1-78th Field Artillery Battalion, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. It is here It is here where a Soldier learns to be a leader and to become a member of the Army’s most deadly branch-the Field Artillery. The battalion’s mission is to conduct Field Artillery Advanced Individual Training in order to provide the Army with combat ready, skill level one Soldiers qualified in Field Artillery core competencies. The “Teamwork” battalion consist of five batteries which house and train all Field Artillery Military Occupational Specialties for the Army.

We are looking forward to you joining our team! You have an important mission to accomplish. Our battalion has a high operational tempo; things move quickly, so get ready to hit the ground running. We need you to arrive to the unit ready to contribute, with personnel actions up-to-date, MEDPROs current, and in good physical condition, and mentally ready to train. Physical fitness is important; you will complete a diagnostic Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) after arrival. As cadre, you are expected to be professional at all times and set a high example as we lead and train the future Leaders of our professional branch.

Fort Sill is located near Lawton, Oklahoma and is a unique post due to its geographical location, history, and community relationship. The installation offers an array of recreational activities that you and your family members will enjoy. Economically, Fort Sill and Lawton are thriving. Affordable housing within the Lawton, Fort Sill area is available and those residing off-post enjoy an easy daily commute. Oklahoma City is one hour north and Dallas Fort Worth area is 3 hours to the South.

The Command Sergeant Major and I are confident that you will enjoy being part of our team. You should view your assignment with the battalion as challenging and rewarding. A sponsor has been assigned to you and will provide assistance during reception and integration into the battalion. If you or your loved ones would like more information about the battalion or your assignment, please check out our Facebook page and our website below.


Key Dates
The Graduation Ceremonies are posted on the graduation tab by occupational specialty. Other training dates can be found on each Battery page. Family Day and Graduation is in person!

Please remember photographs are taken by volunteers. We can’t take requests, but we do try to post new pictures weekly (training does come first).

Phone calls
Phones are a privilege not a right. We do not decide whom your Soldier calls.

OPSEC: Operational Security
Do not discuss dates, locations, or modes of travel. Think before you post!

What to do if there’s a Family emergency?
Contact the American Red Cross at:
1 (877) 272-7337.

Have the following:
Full name and rank
Branch of service (Army),
Social Security Account number or date of birth, and Military address: (1-78 FA BN address)

Rank, Last Name, First Name
___ CO, ___ PLT
1-78 FA BN, 428th FA BDE
4402 Blair Road
Fort Sill, OK 73503

Remember it can take a while for your Soldier to receive mail and for you to receive their letters.

Company Abbreviations:
A - Alpha
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
E - Echo

There are four platoons (PLT) per company. It’s okay if you don’t know this information. Your Soldier will still get mail.

Can Send:
Religious medallions/religious text
Cough drops (sugar-free menthol flavor only)
Hygiene items to include (lip balm, Hair ties to match hair)
Paper/Stamps/Cash under $50
Personal Photos (tasteful, no nudity!)

Cash over $50
Contact Lenses
Nude Photos
Civilian clothing
Electronic items
Tobacco products
Cosmetics/Cologne/Perfume/Body Spray

Recommend not sending mail within two weeks of a Soldiers graduation due to shipping and handling time.

Coming Soon!!!

For Lodging information please select the link below to the Lawton Fort sill Chamber of Commerce. Ensure you make reservations, because it is expected to be crowded this time of year.

Lawton / Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce: Lodging

When making flight reservations, please keep in mind travel time to the airports (approximately 1.5 hours to Oklahoma City, and 20 minutes to Lawton Regional Airport), as well as additional time for the heightened security checks and airline check-in (approximately 1 hour at Oklahoma City / Will Rogers World Airport and 1 hour at Lawton Regional Airport). Please also note that you will encounter $3.25 in highway tolls when traveling on I44 (one way) from Oklahoma City. Please contact us with any questions about the above mentioned information or any questions you may have. Travel Safe!

Will Rodgers Airport - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Lawton - Ft. Sill Regional Airport - Lawton, Oklahoma

American Airlines - LAW/OKC

SouthWest Airlines - OKC only

Delta Airlines - OKC only

Continental Airlines - OKC only

Car Rental
The following commercial accommodations are all within 15 minutes of the Fort Sill Military Reservation. Ensure you make reservations, because it is expected to be crowded this time of year.

Hertz Rental

Budget Rental

Enterprise Rental

Yellow Cab

Busy Bee Cab

Checker Cab

Additional Cabs / Transportaion in Lawton here: Transportation in Lawton, Oklahoma