13J Fire Control Specialist

Delta Battery, 1st Battalion 78th Field Artillery

13J Quick Reference Guide

Delta Battery, Contact Information
Staff Duty: 580-442-8878 / 8918

OPSEC: Operational Security
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The Fire Control Specialist employs automated computer-based systems used in all U.S. Army echelons across multiple weapon systems and formations in order to facilitate the delivery and integration of joint fires in support of combat operations.

The Fire Control Specialist integrates and processes tactical battlefield information from multiple users and sensors through a network of Army and JOINT automated battle command systems.

Duties performed by this MOS include:

  • Establishes, maintains and operates communications systems.
  • Assists in preparation of computer center for operation and shutdown.
  • Prepares field artillery tactical data systems for operation to include cabling, installation, and removal procedures.
  • Inputs initialization data and data base information to field artillery tactical data systems.
  • Participate in gathering of operations and intelligence data.
  • Maintain fire capabilities maps and charts, Plot using fire capability charts and friendly and enemy situation maps.
  • Operates and performs operator maintenance on field artillery tactical data systems equipment, section vehicles and generators associated with field artillery tactical data systems.
  • Record ammunition expenditure, equipment serviceability, situation, firing point, target and mission reports
  • Performs computer operations including fire mission processing, fire plan schedules and data base construction, Converts fire orders to fire command.

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