13R Fire Finder Radar Operator

Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion 78th Field Artillery

13R Class 09-23

This week Class 09-23 focused on how to utilize a military map for Radar Operations. Soldiers learned the necessary skills to read a military map, identify terrain features and how to use a protractor to find themselves in a specific location if they are lost. Soldiers also had their first attempt at the Army Combat Physical Fitness Test. Next week Class 09-23 will begin hands-on training for ancillary equipment used in a Radar Section.

This week Class 09-23 conducted hands-on exercises with the Aiming Circle, Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and an Omni-Directional Antenna used for communications. The Soldiers conducted Practical Exercises (P.E) on how to properly construct an antenna and establish communication with other systems. Next week the Soldiers are going to learn how to operate several generators that are used on Radar Systems.

This week Class 09-23 trained on multiple generators. Soldiers became proficient in properly grounding, starting, applying powering, and shutting down each system without injury or damage to the generator or themselves. Soldiers learned the importance of the generator's capabilities, safety and the correct settings for each generator. Soldiers concluded the week with a generator hands-on exam to ensure all Soldiers were proficient in generator operations. Next week the Soldiers will begin their computer-based training on Radar software and operations.