CPT William J. Holcomb Commander
1SG Benito D. Carrion First Sergeant


Bravo Battery, 95th AG BN (Reception), the Fitness Training Unit for the 434th FA Basic Combat Training Brigade’s mission is to physically, mentally, and psychologically prepare Soldiers to return to training. The first of two missions of Bravo is to successfully rehabilitate IET Soldiers who became injured during training to return duty by providing an environment to allow for proper healing and recovery. The second mission is to physically recondition and/or retrain IET Soldiers who have failed to achieve the BCT APFT standard for graduation by providing an environment in which a Soldier can focus on physical fitness improvement utilizing a variety of exercise protocols in accordance with FM 7-22.

In addition to the physical fitness training, the FTU holds additional classroom and hands on instruction that address the whole Soldier concept. Bravo cadre address Soldier motivation and esprit de corps as Soldiers who are removed from training for rehabilitation and/or reconditioning are especially subject to discouragement. Training includes mental skills training, Master Resiliency Training, and nutritional education. The FTU utilizes our Fort Sill partners for such as the Army Wellness Center and the Education Center. The FTU also focused on Basic Combat Training POI instruction to refresh or retrain IET Soldiers on training such as land navigation, weapons familiarization and convoy operations.