Weapons Registrations

Visitor Control Center Building TC 6701 located on NW Sheridan Road
The Weapons Registration office is open from 0800 – 1545, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.
All military service members, all civilian employees and all contractors who are assigned to Fort Sill and all frequent users (other than non-military affiliated civilians) of the Fort Sill hunting areas and/or Privately Owned Weapons range.
You must register firearms – a firearm is any weapon that will, is designed to, or may readily convert to expel a projectile by action of an explosion or propellant (i.e.: all guns, bows, etc).
Soldiers arriving on the installation or if you are storing your weapons in a storage area on Ft Sill. Those required to register their weapons must register their weapons within one duty day of arrival or possession of the firearm.
Service Members: Each service member must fill out an FS Form 562 (available on Fort Sill’s intranet or from the Weapons Registration office); have the commander sign your FS Form 562 if living on the installation (if you do not have a unit assigned yet, the Commander’s signature is not required); bring the FS Form 562 to the Weapons Registration office. Family Members: If the service member is not able to register the weapon, or if the weapon belongs to the family member, then the family member may register the weapon (in this case, the Commander’s signature is not required). Civil Service Employees: Fill out the FS Form 562 on Fort Sill’s intranet or at the Weapons Registration office. Retirees (Military or Civil Service): Fill out the FS Form 562 on Fort Sill’s intranet or at the Weapons Registration office.It is not required for retirees or Soldiers to register their weapons on the installation, unless they intend to use those weapons on the installation for hunting, or at the range.
NO! DO NOT BRING YOUR WEAPON into the Weapons Registration office. You only bring the FS Form 562 (Weapons Registration form).
The FS Form 562 is for transporting the weapon, and for storage. All others: The FS form 562 for transporting and/or for storage of the weapon(s).
Yes, you must register any weapon that will, is designed to, or may readily convert to expel a projectile by action of an explosion or propellant (such as an arrow).
Yes, anyone convicted of a felony cannot register or bring a firearm unto the installation (the Federal Gun Control Act 1968). Or anyone convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or a felony (the Lautenberg Amendment to the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, as amended in 1996).
AR 190-11 and Fort Sill Reg 190-1, which are available on the Fort Sill internet site.
Transport weapons by the most direct route when entering or leaving Fort Sill, or when going to or from an authorized activity, such as a practice range, hunting, or other sporting activity. Intermediate stops of short duration at the shoppettes are the only authorized stops. Do not make stops at any other on-post location. You are not authorized to take the weapon to work, store it in your vehicle while you are at work, with the intent of going to the POW range after work.
Yes, when transported, unload all firearms. Lock ammunition and weapons in separate compartments.
Yes, and provide a copy of the printed out registration form to them. You must also provide them with additional information regarding the transportation of both registered and unregistered weapons as required by law enforcement personnel.
Military personnel residing in troop billets that own or possess any item listed in Fort Sill Reg 190-1, appendix B-3f(1), (4), (6), or (7), or B-3g, will store the item(s) in a unit arms room. Military personnel and their family members residing in family quarters, BOQ, and BEQs who own or possess firearms, will store the item(s) in their residences. Firearms in on-post quarters will be kept unloaded and in a place separate from the ammunition, and under double lock and key. For purposes of this regulation, one lock may be the quarter’s entrance and the second lock may be a locked container, trigger lock, or lock cable, chain, or rod through the firearm's guard or barrel, or stored in a locked room, closet, or cabinet. Always keep weapons out of the reach of children under age 18. Military personnel residing off post may store their weapons in their off-post quarters.
yes, guests participating in sporting events, reenactment displays and non- frequent users of Fort Sill’s facilities have to register their weapons on the installation accompanied by a sponsor.
The Oklahoma concealed weapon law does not apply on Fort Sill. All personnel must follow Fort Sill policy regarding weapon use, storage and transport upon entry on to the installation. Concealed weapons are prohibited on post unless authorized by DES for law enforcement duties as prescribed in AR 190-14, para 2-8. Military personnel violating this prohibition subject themselves to disciplinary action under the UCMJ and/or administrative actions as deemed appropriate by the commander. Family members, civilian employees or other civilians violating this prohibition Subject themselves to administrative action and/or criminal prosecution under applicable state, federal laws and regulations.
The POW range information can be obtained by calling Fish and Wildlife at 580-442-3553.