Purpose: Provide procedures and techniques for the joint intermediate target development as outlined in CJCSM 3370.01. Given a target development nomination sheet, intelligence products, reference materials, and the Joint Staff standards, students will be able to develop a target to the basic and intermediate levels of target development in accordance with requirements for vetting. Students will be familiar with databasing techniques and standards for Electronic Target Folders (ETFs). Graduates of the JITD course are certified in intermediate target development and are authorized to produce target materials and input target information into joint databases.

Phase Scope: The Joint Intermediate Target Development (JITD) course is designed to expose targeting analysts to the basic skills required to develop and database any target type according to DoD standards in CJCSI 3370.01. These target development skills are necessary for deliberate targeting within the operational force, as assets used for target engagement are allocated to targets that have complete vetting and validation to prescribed DoD standards.

Phase Prerequisites: Active Army, National Guard O3 thru O5, WO1 thru CW5, E4 thru E7 serving or slated in division and above fires and intelligence staff sections. Top Secret security clearance required. MOS: 35D, 35G, 350G, 35F, 350F, 131A

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Foreign Disclosure: FD3 - This training product has been reviewed by the developers in coordination with the USAFCoE G32, Fort Sill, OK 73503 foreign disclosure officer. This training product cannot be used to instruct international military students.

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