Purpose: To train and educate personnel from all services, ABCA countries, and other government agencies on the skills and processes necessary to apply and integrate joint lethal and non-lethal fires and effects. Each student should gain a baseline knowledge of joint and service fires capabilities, platforms, operational environment, doctrine, the joint targeting process and how the joint fires and effects system works. It will prepare students to function effectively in a joint operational environment. Their knowledge will be exercised and validated during a culminating exercise where they apply the principles of joint lethal and non-lethal fires and effects. This course focuses on Joint Doctrine and the integration of this doctrine from planning to execution.

Phase Scope: This course is designed to provide a baseline skill set required to integrate, coordinate and synchronize the full range of joint fires and effects, including lethal and non-lethal fires, in order to accomplish the joint force commander’s objectives

Phase Prerequisites: Active Army and Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Marines, Air Force and Navy, 03 thru 06, E7 thru E9, Warrant Officer W01 thru CW5, Civilians GS11-GS14. NATO personnel and other Ministries of Defense with the exception of countries listed in ITAR § 126.1, serving or slated to serve in fires and effects coordination cells from Fires and Aviation brigades up to Joint Task Force/Combatant Command level. An understanding and working knowledge of the Joint Targeting Cycle and the Air Tasking Order Cycle is encouraged. All students are encouraged to prepare for the course by completing courseware on the DOCNET Joint website (, in particular the Joint Fire Support, Joint Warfare, and Joint IPB courses. Restrictions: ASIL8 for use with MOS 13F, E7 thru E9 only, SIL8 for use with 13A O3 Thru 06 only. SECRET security clearance required and verified in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) via a visit request.

Special Information: All students are encouraged to prepare for the course by completing courseware on the DOCNET Joint web site (, in particular the Joint Fire Support (JP 3-09), Joint Targeting (JP 3-60), Joint Task Force Headquarters (JP 3-33), and Joint IPB (JP 2-01.3) courses.

Phase Remarks: No Data

Foreign Disclosure: FD3 - This training product has been reviewed by the developers in coordination with the USAFCoE G32, Fort Sill, OK 73503 foreign disclosure officer. This training product cannot be used to instruct international military students.

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