Purpose: The TMPC course is designed to certify individuals within intelligence staff sections at Division and above on specific tools and methods to perform target coordinate mensuration as a part of target development to meet DoD targeting standards.

Phase Scope: TMPC is the conduct of advanced target coordinate mensuration to generate target materials in support of deliberate or dynamic targeting. Target materials are graphic, textual, tabular, digital, video, or other presentations of target intelligence designed primarily to support theater requirements for multi-domain battle to engage in large-scale combat operations and planning against designated targets by one or more weapon systems.

Phase Prerequisites: Active Army, National Guard and Reserve Officers O3-05, Warrant Officer WO1-CW5, Enlisted E4-E7 serving in or slated for division and above fires intelligence staff sections. SECRET security clearance required and verified in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) via a visit request. MOS: 12A, 12Y, 125D, 13A, 13F, 131A, 35D, 35F, 35G, 350F, 350G.

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Foreign Disclosure: FD3 - This training product has been reviewed by the developers in coordination with the USAFCoE G32, Fort Sill, OK 73503 foreign disclosure officer. This training product cannot be used to instruct international military students.

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TMP Course Contact Info: (580) 442-8719