Purpose: To train fire support and targeting personnel (including staff personnel who provide support to the targeting process), advising a supported ground commander, to conduct Weaponeering to support the effective employment of joint and organic fire support assets

Phase Scope: To train personnel assigned to fire support and targeting cells (including staff personnel who provide support to the targeting process) to conduct weaponeering in order to determine a supporting munitions solution that will achieve target effects. This phase analyzes the weaponeering process and how it supports ground commanders and the targeting process. Analysis outputs determine the desired probability of damage (PD) using commander's guidance on desired effects and how PD is determined for a given weapon target pairing. This process involves hands-on experience solving surface-to-surface and air-to-surface weaponeering problems for point targets, area targets, above-ground structures, bunkers, and complex targets using a Joint Targeting Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness (JTCG/ME) certified weaponeering software application.

Phase Prerequisites: Active Army, Reserve, and National Guard, USMC. 13F-E5 through E9, 131A-W1 through W5, 13A-O2 through O5. Currently serving in a Fires Cell from Company through Corps echelons. SECRET security clearance required and verified in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) via a visit request.

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Foreign Disclosure: FD4 - The materials contained in this training event/course have been reviewed by the training/educational developers in coordination with the United States Army Fires Center of Excellence, Security & Intelligence Division, DPTMS/G2, Fort Sill, OK FD authority. Some component(s) of this training event/course is (are) NOT releasable to students from foreign countries. See each TSP subcomponent/product for applicable FD restriction statement.

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